Saturday, May 30, 2009 so many...............

hahaha.....very catchy picture,.appology to both of them as i love to put their picture in this blog... this also resembled my feeling and sweetest memories in MJSC Langkawi.....hhehhehe

about the wedding... my brother s goin to get married on this thursday..but unfortunately i cant make it to Kelantan (as my kakak ipar is a Kelantanese) as i Have a Class and Lots of work that need to be done these weeks ..huhuhu

but luckily i got the permission to attend our Kenduri here in Jitra at 11 June.......... Cant wait to be the tuan rumah...hehehe......

thats all... this evening i'll be back to my college..and might need to finished all my work tonight..OMG i need to burn the midnight oil...huhuhu..more eyebag la after this.......

Friday, May 29, 2009

and so a week has passed....

a week has passed and it's pretty much bare. it was
well challenging in it's ways. matriks is after all... interesting. reunions with old hands and meeting new faces. from day one, personality clashes were very obvious (trust me, this happens EVERYWHERE). either way, it was a waste of time this whole week. a lot of gibberish! so happens i skipped a day because i was unwell but trust me, i'm ain't class mates are ok... haven't got to know them properly but will soon.My room8 are OK and hillarious...they are from perak, KL n Pahang..a miggle break the silence in my roo,eating together, go for lectures 2 gether... well hopefully it will last long .

i my self am f eeling a bit lo nely here. things aren' t the same anymore. suddenly i don't recognise myself anymore.(*OMG)this matriks .it seem a little more alien to me. it feels as though i have to start everything all over again. all those years of joy and laughter have died away like the echoes through the coridors of my hostel and the tutor room(like normal classroom in school).


there's a cafe where i usually have my meal there. The foods still taste not right to me eventhough i can choose want i want to eat sometimes i missed the time lined up in DS waiting for abang and akak Ds to serve us foods...hahaha...Ahaaa...almost forgot..I've got sains hayat same as hisyam but both of us change to physical...there only 5 maresmawians here...sobs..sobs. they are salamiah,shahiza,aini,me and hisyam (the only lgkw boys),,,only me and hisyam are science students..

Riadah here???

now i'm not the one who always like to go riadah like i was in langkawi .I missed every evening that i had had in Langkawi...huhuhu.... here >>there are a lots of facilities anequipments for the student to be use during riadah...but riadah is not compulsory...same as surau but here we have a mosque......talking about riadah...there still many students that going for riadah but me>>not right now...not this moment..There are a lots of work to be done.About the selection for KAKUM (Matriculation Sports National Event) will be next week...and of course i will represent KMK in Tennis ...thanks to Pak Syed and Cikgu Zaf for teaching me the skills to keep on living . now i had found the way how to get marks on KO-Ku with is important for me if i do really want to strive for 4.00.


My schedule for sunday to tuesday is totally full. i dont even have a minute to take a nap...
lecture.....lecture....lecture....lecturer and more of it...Phew.....its quite exhausting but i manage to go with the flow as i used to had experience in my previous lot of work to be done>> a lots of topics to be revised eventhough it's just 2nd week of class..*penat gile..
and for my terror Quiz and Test!!! Arghhh....same as wonder why my mom said that i wont regret chose to come here as i had had the experience.Like what people said "Experience is the Best teacher"

thats it for now...later updates..hmm..will need to wait


ayahanda,Tuan Hj Mahzan

Pernah langkah ku payah
Menuju ke destinasi
Kerana malam gelap
Dan bintang hilang kerdipnya
Menjadikan arah ku keliru
Ke timur atau ke barat

cikgu apandi dgn kameranya...
Bagai lilin membakar diri
Menerangi kegelapan hati
Kau curahkan bakti dan budi
Jasamu tiada berganti

Namun tanpa rasa payah
Dia memimpin tanganku
Melangkah satu persatu
Dan mencipta jejak impian
Menjadikan arahku jelas
Aku harus ke hadapan
Pak Syed and Cikgu Zaf

Oho… aku kini rindu
Pada satu nama yang berjasa
Tuhan, beri kekuatan
Untuk mendidikku selamanya
Ku pohon restu kasih-Mu
Ampunkanlah guru-guruku

Selamat Hari Guru kepada semua guru di Malaysia>>>>>
especially to all my teachers in always be in my heart forever

Our Proud.... MRSM Langkawi ...........

Monday, May 4, 2009

wHo Knows????

life is going on pretty slowly as far as i`m is full of surprises and wonders( not the dicovery channel tagline)some of us have already started their studies,some still waiting,and some just lost in between of all that.not many got matriculation,as a matter of fact far much fewer than those selected to jpa interview.i could only congratulate my buddies that got the offer,but for the rest of us?jpa/mara/stpm/?..where shall we go after this,standing in this world of confusion?

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Aku di sini..

Aku mula mencari titik mula. Aku mencari rahmat dan belas ehsan-Nya. Aku mencari kasih-Nya yang sempurna. Dan aku merasakan hati dan jiwa mula bersatu dengan diri yang hilang tadi, mulai tenteram.