Thursday, August 30, 2012


Everyone that stand :)
credit to : Nadjmi Musa for picture

Teacher and students.. :)

cikgu masih maintain.. :)
rindu cikgu

Sunday, August 26, 2012

:: my PBS : Memorable ::

Assalamualaikum wbt. Semua sihat? alhamdulillah.. hari pertam PBS sehingga hari terakhir tak pernah bosan. dengan telatah dua teman lama yang bertemu kembali. tertaut semula ukhwah kami..

nothing much to say except i'm started to miss the moments. Thanks cikgu.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

:: Jaja, Aa and Coco : The chick, duckling and crocodile ::

Salam. Alhamdulillah. my PBS went on well eventhough i need to go for check up in the evening. Pretty tired but EXPERINCES are precious right.

And this is a story that i narrate during relief-class for standard 2. It was tell in Malay and the storyline is by my students. i just cut and adapt it a little bit and tell them. Alhamdulillah. The class was under control for 2 periods. Thumbs up :D

__________:: ENGLISH VERSION - translated by me. [sorry for my bad english but i'm learning]______

Once upon a time, there was a chick and a duckling that live in a farm. They were best friends. They were like sisters. In the farm, they were free to do anything. They eat together. They study together.They play together. Everything they did together. They live with smile and laughter everyday.

one day, there are a new member in the neighbourhood. The chick, Jaja and the duckling, Aa make friend with Coco, the crocodile. They want to be like the three masketeers. Always be together and had fun together. Jaja's heart ffluttered because they had more friends now.

but as time pass, Jaja feels like the bond between her and Aa is losen. Aa spent more time with Coco now. When they want to go out of the farm and swim at the lake, Jaja always ask to go with. But Aa refused to take Jaja along. As Jaja could not swim like her and Coco. She afraid about Jaja's safety. so, there went Jaja left at the farm while Aa out having fun with Coco.
"I'll be ok". They'll be back soon and Aa can join me to the park" said Jaja.
In the evening, Aa arrived. And Jaja asked her to join her to the park.

Aa : "Sorry Jaja. I am so tired. Tomorrow okay? "
Jaja : " urm.. Its okay by then. have a good rest Aa. :) "

and that day Jaja play at the park by her own. She play everything and try to cheer herself up. but it ended she's crying at the side of the lake. She cried because she feels lonely. Her best friend are no longer want to befriend with her.She cried and cried until all her tears dried.

then she look upon the lake. " hey, there's a new member. she is like me".. Jaja smiled.
" its not a friend' its my reflection. Oh, i'm so ugly, my mouth is small, my leg is short. no wonder why Aa dont want to be friend with me anymore. Coco is a good looking, kind and caring. I'm just nobody" said Jaja and she continued crying.

The next day, she met Aa.

Jaja : "hye Aa, where were you yesterday? I'm waiting for you at our playground."
Aa : "Owh, sorry. I forgot about it..[feels quilty]. can we make it tomorrow. I promise i'll be there"
Jaja : "Okay."

and it is still the same. Jaja waited for Aa but she never turned up. So, Jaja make her way home.
And on her way home, she saw Aa and Coco were having fun at the lake.They were so happy. Laughing. Till they never realized there was somebody there. watching.  Jaja ran back home. Sad.

In the evening, she met Aa by accident.
Jaja : "hye Aa, where were you? I'm waiting for you at our playground:
Aa : "Owh, sorry. I'm not feeling well today. Uhuk2. [coughing]

Jaja's heart and hope were crashed into pieces. Aa, lied to her. 

"Why? Why did she lied to me?" Jaja questioned herself.

She was so dissappointed. The next day and the day after that, Jaja refused to go out. She stay at home and doing nothing. Actually she was waiting for Aa to come and ask her of how is she. Like she did to do before went Aa is absent and she take all the homework to Aa's home.

====================== TO BE CONTINUE ===========================

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

:: Thank you ::

When we first talked to each other
I knew we would always be friends.
Our friendship has kept on growing
And I'll be here for you to the end.

You listen when I have a problem
And help dry the tears from my face.
You take away my sorrow
And put happiness in its place.

We can't forget the fun we've had
Laughing, joy,
Talking of things, shopping

I guess this is my way of saying thank you
For catching me when I fall.
Thanks once again for being such a good friend
And being here with me through it all.

Thank you for making my day and thank you for everything. Loveyouallwaysmysis.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

:: Homesick::

I miss my family and I miss my mom.

"Ya Allah, Kau berikanlah kesembuhan dan kekuatan kepada ibuku" 

sungguh saya rindu rumah. Tak sabar nak balik. Banyak yang terpendam untuk diluahkan. "RINDU".
And yes, only Allah know what's playing in my heart now. I have lots of things to be settle down.

I need to find 'me'. I've lost. I try hard to solve what i'm having now but it come to dead end. T_T

Everyday i try to brave myself to consult to a friend but there's no words that come out. MashaAllah.
The inside 'me'. Be strong.Be brave. I need you to go through this Ramadhan.

Even i'm wearing red, but i dont feel a thing. *ppl said red boost spirit. oh yeah!! But I believe in Allah more. There's no coincidence in life. Everything is His planning for us. He knows the best. Even you're die trying, He give you the best. The one that you need not what you want.. So, ask for Him.

Subhanallah.. :)

Muhasabah la..

And muhasabah is not only about you reflect yourself but it is actually you realize what you've done and correct what was wrong. To be better. so, ask help from your friend to really know what your mistake was. Sometimes they know us better. and friends help us in muhasabah as A good friend will help a friend in need. A friend in need is a friend in deed. :)  Dont be afraid of hurting their heart.

Its is better to tell them the ugly truth rather than cherish them with the beautiful lies..

And a friend who love her/his best friend so much because of Allah will help to take us to a better face in life and closer to Him. InsyaAllah. I love my best friend aka my rumate. Even we're less talking and hoya2 now but i know she will help me. And insyaAllah i'll help her if she give the green light.

dear my rumate :

even sometimes i'm silent is not because i'm angry or not happy,

when i cry is not because i'm sad or depressed, 

it just i need time to muhasabah myself,
i make mistakes in life and in friendship,
i want to be a BFTJ for you and a good muslimah
will you help me in this journey?

nobody's perfect. right? 

Coursework please be nice to me. I want to go back home and help my family. I need them. And Allah, I need you now. And always.

abg, if you're reading this tell mom i'm going back this 9th August. InsyaAllah. :) nanti kita pi berbuka sama-sama ya. tak pun, biar akak yang masak. :)

Tolong tengokk email tu..

p/s : maaf bercampur aduk post ni.

:: tak tahu caranya ::

Ya Allah, tabahkanlah hatiku. 
Kerana aku tidak tahu cara untuk meluahkannya..
Temukanlah daku dengan cara yang hikmah.

Mencari apa yang hilang adalah sukar,
mengganti yang hilang adalah mudah,
tapi apa yang hilang dan yang diganti tak kan pernah sama..
kerana masing2 berbeza.

Muhasabah. Memperbaiki diri. ke arah lebih baik.
perkara yg perlu. *_'
untuk kesihatan diri.
tapi bagaimana? tak berhasil dengan usaha sebelah tangan. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

:: Unlock your Heart ::

"And those who strive for Us, We will surely guide them to Our ways. And indeed, Allah is with the doers of good" [29:69] ♥ — 

They are the true BEST FRIEND FOREVER :)
Leeya   ♥ Fats...Fats   ♥ Leeya
Assalamualaikum wbt.  this is the art from my ohana Leeya..
and when i thought about them ofcourse fatsie, schafi,ayn, adeq,tasya, faizah, suhana...banyak yang nak disebut tapi masa singkat jea ni.. hehe.. but for sure i were touched by this friendship

seriously you guys were so cute. I wish i have one that i can share everything like both of you have been.  InsyaAllah, Allah listening to me. :) BFTJ.

And may Allah grant His Love and cheerish both of you.

:: Shed Tears T_T ::

Every tear we shed break us except the tears we shed for Allah… 
they mend us and strengthen our broken spirits ♥

Ya Allah, I cried because I love her so much..
Help her and cure her.. 
and make me be with her soon
because she is the one that I love after You and Rasulullah..

p/s : Be strong hana. Allah know that you're stronger

:: Tidak pernah sia-sia ::

Assalamualaikum wbt..

apa khabar semua? alhamdulillah asar bru sahaja berlalu. Menunggu detik masuknya azan maghrib..

isi masa dengan menulis entry di sini. sambil tengok gambar kenang-kenangan. rindunya masa dulu. sungguh.

kehidupan cepat saja berlalu dengan adanya masa. ya. masa itu pantas berlalu. dan dengan berlalunya msa bermakna akan berlaku pelbagai keadaan. Ku rasai alam semakin segar dan indah dengan kurniaanNya. Haiwan-haiwan riang gembira. Manusia juga turut merasai perubahannya.

tapi bagi saya, masa yang pantas berlalu juga menunjukkan lagi satu sifatnya iaitu masa semakin suntuk. semakin pendek.

Pelbagai ujian dan dugaan yang kita terima. Perit dan pedih tapi percayalah bahawa setiap perancangan Ilahi ada hikmahNya. Bersabarlah. Perancangan dan suruhan Allah tidak pernah sia-sia..

sedikit coretan kata-kata :


Allah tidak pernah menciptakan hujan tanpa ada pelangi yang muncul selepasnya..
Allah tidak pernah menciptakan matahari tanpa langit yang menemaninya..
Allah tidak pernah menciptakan bulan tanpa bintang-bintang yang berada di sisi,
Allah tidak menciptakan pokok tanpa ada daun-daun/ dahan-dahan yang menghiasinya,

Allah tidak menciptakan kita tanpa kedua ibu bapa tercinta..
Allah tidak menciptakan perasaan kasih sayang t

anpa ada pasangan suami isteri untuk menyayangi dan disayangi
tanpa ibu bapa untuk anak-anak menyayangi mereka..
Ciptaan Allah adalah yang terbaik dan terhebat.
kerana Dia adalah Maha Mengetahui, Maha Kuasa, dan Maha Hebat..

Percayalah ketentuan Allah sebenarnya adalah yang terbaik buat kita.. 

cuma terkadang kita mengambil masa untuk nampak kebaikannya ke atas kita.

Semua yang berlaku, ada hikmahnya..

~Bersabarlah wahai hati, buat seketika sahaja~

:: Speak..when.. ::

Assalamualaikum wbt..
Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah for today we're still be given the chance to inhale and enjoy the view of His Creation.

Alhamdulillah. The progress is ok. Time is running against me but i'll try my best to contribute to Islam.
for today i would like to share a story.

Crumbled sheet….......!

When I was a child, because of my impulsive character, I was angry at everything. In most cases, after these incidents I felt ashamed and I tried to console those I have hurt
One day, my teacher saw me apologizing after an explosion of anger and handed me a sheet of plain paper and said:

Knead the paper now!

With fear, obeyed and did a ball with it. The teacher told me again, to now leave it as it was before.
Obviously I could not leave it as before. The paper was still full of folds.
The teacher told me: “The hearts of men are like that roll”. The impression left on them will be hard to erase just as it is hard to erase these wrinkles . So I learned to be comprehensive, and more patient.

When I feel like bursting, I remember that crumpled paper. The impression left on people is impossible to erase. When we hurt someone with our actions or our words, we just want to fix the error, but it’s too late ….

Someone once told me : “Speak only when their words can be as gentle as silence. “


We will always be responsible for our actions.
Seize the day to reflect on the leaves you’ve kneaded throughout this life …

Thursday, August 2, 2012

:: 143 Allah ::

Ya Allah, Kau tautkanlah kembali kasihMu dalam persahabatan kami...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

:: Bubur Lambuk ::

Terima kasih Ya Allah atas nikmat ini
Assalamualaikum wbt.

baru sahaja selesai mengambil bubur lambuk. ya. memang makanan kegemaran especially di bulan puasa. :) dengar saja bubur lambuk mula la hormon dirembes dan *drooling. hehe..

InsyaAllah petang ni iftar di balai Islam Al-Muttaqin. bersama-sama teman-teman sekampus.

apa yang specialnya tentang bubur lambuk?? sebenarnya sangat suka makan bubur ni sebab nanti perut tidaklah terlalu berat untuk solat terawikh dan cepat hadam. Nak kurus ni. :p. sebenarnya takde kaitan  pun dengan kurus atau kecik. Sedapp . cubalah nanti.:)

cuma nak ajak semua renungkan..
bagi saya..bubur lambuk ni macam ikatan ukhwah.

untuk menghasilkan bubur lambuk yang sedap. bahan-bahan yang digunakan perlulah berkualiti. Dan juga chef yang hebat. :) dimasak dengan penuh sabar dan niat yang baik, insyaAllah kasih sayang itu akan sampai kepada orang yang menjamahnya dan mereka akan mendoakan atas maknan yang diberikan. Lagipun besar pahalanya bagi mereka yang menyediakan makanan buat orang yang berpuasa. Bukan setakat masak saja tau semua ni termasuklah beli bahan, potong bahan, basuh bahan.. tau tak penting semua ni sebab kalau tak ada yang beli bahan, macam mana nak siapkan juadah. dan kalau tak ada bahan macam mana nak masak makanan untuk berbuka. Tengok! Melimpah ruah rahmat dan pahala yang Allah kurniakan pada bulan Ramadhan ni.

Ok. berbalik kepada bubur lambuk.

Semangkuk / sebekas bubur lambuk itu ibarat kehidupan kita. Ada fish ball, sayur, santan, ikan bilis, kicap, bawang..dan macam-macam bahan lagi. *tak tahu sebab tak pernah buat. tahu makan saja :p

Begitu juga dengan ukhwah. Sebenarnya ukhwah ini seperti kita membina 'bangunan kehidupan' dengan bahan bina yang berkualiti dan utuh agar ia dapat bertahan hingga ke akhirat. Bukan semua orang faham berkenaan ukhuwah.

 Ya, kita sayang sahabat kita. Tetapi, apakah sahabat kita itu faham makna ukhuwah seperti yang kita faham? Kalau kita faham bahawa ukhuwah tertinggi adalah itsar, (melebihkan sahabat daripada diri sendiri) dan ukhuwah terendah adalah berlapang dada, apakah sahabat kita faham perkara yang sama? 

Kalau sahabat kita faham, apakah dia kuat untuk menggerakkan kefahamannya dalam amalan? ... . Ya, jangan harapkan daripada sahabat kita apa-apa. ... . 

Ya, kita perlu korbankan masa kita untuk sahabat kita. Kita korbankan ruang jiwa kita untuk sahabat kita. Kita korbankan harta kita untuk sahabat kita. Kita korban apa sahaja. Semuanya untuk ukhuwah kita.

dan semestinya kehidupan dalam bersahabat ini tidak semuanya manis. ada juga detik-detik pahit, pedih dan perit yang terpaksa dilalui. sama macam bubur lambuk, meskipun kekadang terlampau pedas, atau terlampau panas kita masih mampu menghabiskan. sebab apa?? Sebab kita suka. Sebab kita sayang. dan sebab cinta. tak berputus asa. sanggup tunggu lama sikit bagi sejuk. sanggup tahan muka merah bibir bengkak sebab pedas.

Macam tu juga ukhwah (persahabatan), jangan berputus asa. kalau kita betul-betul sayangkan dia (sahabat), cintakan dia kerana Allah. InsyaAllah kehidupan akan lebih indah. Macam makan bubur lambuk. meskipun pedas tetapi tetap sedap akhirnya. dan mengenyangkan.. :)

Setakat ini sahaja coretan saya sebelum berbuka.
Selamat Berbuka buat semua muslimin dan muslimat. :)

p/s : terasa lapar.

:: Masa itu ::

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Alhamdulillah sudah berlalu 11 Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah kerana masih lagi diberikan kesihatan dan kekuatan untuk mengerjakan ibadat puasa. :) meskipun kerja kursus dan tugasan mula mengetuk-ngetuk mencari ruang utk masuk.

Keadaan baik. Meskipun banyak yang perlu dilalui dan ditempuhi. Tapi ini semua mematangkan diri. Betul kan? Semua ujian dan perkara yang kita lakukan sekarang sebenarnya adalah cara Allah menunjukkan kasih sayangNya kepada kita. dengan menjadikan ini lebih matang. :)

Meskipun pahit. sukar. sedih. perit. tapi percayalah ini sebenarnya adalah bunga-bunga kecintaan seorang Pencipta kepada Hambanya.

Dia nak kita dekat padaNya. Sentiasa dekat. Macam tu juga kalau masa kita ada dengan parents kita. Kita gi jauh sikit tanpa tujuan mesti akan dimarahi dan ditegur. Semua ni bukan sebab benci tapi sebenarnya mereka sayang. Ye la. anak yang 20 tahun ditatang dengan penuh kasih sayang dan manja. sape la yang tak takut kalau-kalau terjadi pape? 

Same la macam kita ada Iphone yang dihadiahkan atau beli sendiri tapi sangat-sangat sayang, pasti kita jaga dengan baik kan.. takut jea tercalar. lepas pegang mesti akan lap dengan kain khas bukan sebarangan. Simpan dengan kemas. Pegang dengan erat. Tak gitu?

Percayalah pada ketentuanNya.. :)

Oleh itu, pada yang sedang melalui masa-masa yang pahit.perit.sedih.sukar.sibuk katakanlah pada hati kita  

 “Ya Allah, aku layak diuji. Aku hanya hambaMu. Di sebalik ujian ini aku yakin ada kebaikannya. Cuma kerana kelemahan dan kejahilanku aku belum nampak wahai Tuhan. Namun aku tetap yakin di sebalik semua ini tetap ada kasih sayangMu.”
— UstazPahrol Mohamad Juoi

InsyaAllah dapat sedikit sebanyak membantu meringankan beban kerana Allah itu Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang.

Selamat Beramal
Selamat Berbuka Puasa.
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Aku di sini..

Aku mula mencari titik mula. Aku mencari rahmat dan belas ehsan-Nya. Aku mencari kasih-Nya yang sempurna. Dan aku merasakan hati dan jiwa mula bersatu dengan diri yang hilang tadi, mulai tenteram.