Saturday, August 4, 2012

:: Homesick::

I miss my family and I miss my mom.

"Ya Allah, Kau berikanlah kesembuhan dan kekuatan kepada ibuku" 

sungguh saya rindu rumah. Tak sabar nak balik. Banyak yang terpendam untuk diluahkan. "RINDU".
And yes, only Allah know what's playing in my heart now. I have lots of things to be settle down.

I need to find 'me'. I've lost. I try hard to solve what i'm having now but it come to dead end. T_T

Everyday i try to brave myself to consult to a friend but there's no words that come out. MashaAllah.
The inside 'me'. Be strong.Be brave. I need you to go through this Ramadhan.

Even i'm wearing red, but i dont feel a thing. *ppl said red boost spirit. oh yeah!! But I believe in Allah more. There's no coincidence in life. Everything is His planning for us. He knows the best. Even you're die trying, He give you the best. The one that you need not what you want.. So, ask for Him.

Subhanallah.. :)

Muhasabah la..

And muhasabah is not only about you reflect yourself but it is actually you realize what you've done and correct what was wrong. To be better. so, ask help from your friend to really know what your mistake was. Sometimes they know us better. and friends help us in muhasabah as A good friend will help a friend in need. A friend in need is a friend in deed. :)  Dont be afraid of hurting their heart.

Its is better to tell them the ugly truth rather than cherish them with the beautiful lies..

And a friend who love her/his best friend so much because of Allah will help to take us to a better face in life and closer to Him. InsyaAllah. I love my best friend aka my rumate. Even we're less talking and hoya2 now but i know she will help me. And insyaAllah i'll help her if she give the green light.

dear my rumate :

even sometimes i'm silent is not because i'm angry or not happy,

when i cry is not because i'm sad or depressed, 

it just i need time to muhasabah myself,
i make mistakes in life and in friendship,
i want to be a BFTJ for you and a good muslimah
will you help me in this journey?

nobody's perfect. right? 

Coursework please be nice to me. I want to go back home and help my family. I need them. And Allah, I need you now. And always.

abg, if you're reading this tell mom i'm going back this 9th August. InsyaAllah. :) nanti kita pi berbuka sama-sama ya. tak pun, biar akak yang masak. :)

Tolong tengokk email tu..

p/s : maaf bercampur aduk post ni.

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