Sunday, October 24, 2010

:: give 5 things about frenship ::
note : friendship mean when you have a real friend ( sahabat )
1. a real friend is one who walks in when others walk out..someone who is there for you when he'd rather be anywhere else..

2. a real friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words..

3. sahabat umpama baju yang kita pakai. Ia melindungi kita, mengindahkan kita, menjadikan kita cantik & sempurna di mata orang lain..

4. sahabat yang baik adalah sahabat yang sentiasa menegur kesilapan kita..tidak selalu memuji kita..sentiasa disamping kita waktu susah atau senang..menyimpan rahsia kita sebaiknya..sentiasa menjadi pendokong kita di saat kita memerlukan. Meskipun dia terluka. Sanggup bekorban demi kita.

5. persahabatan yang paling baik adalah persahabatan yang mendekatkan kita kepada ALLAH..bertemu kerana ALLAH, berpisah juga kerana ALLAH.. Inilah yang sebaik-baiknya..

Thanks kak Eira for this award.. hehehe~ Ana sukee..

and i have something special for you 

Ya Allah,
Sahabat saya, buah hati saya,
Rindu kami menambah cinta,
Rajuk kami membuah ceria.

Ya Allah,
Silaturrahiim kami, ukhwah fillah,
Bermusuh kami, na`uzubillah,
Berpisah mati, inshaAllah,
Pengubat hati, do`a rabitah..
Semua luahan hati saya ini 
adalah untuk sahabat yang memahami

Friday, October 22, 2010


Stockholm Open..
Waa.. npe la maktab nih xde channel sport.. Seriously i miss the old time where i can roam freely in the school field *cam harimau pla.. :P and rushing back to hostel time maghrib when the whistle is hear.. yes.. seriously life is changing, people change and I? I need to accept the changes or else i'll be left alone... I really miss my Maresmawian life.. full of fun and sweet memories with the uninety especially.. really miss u guys a lot.... and what i miss the most now is TENNIS and not miss Pak Syed hehe..  hurm... eventhough i'm not a good player, i Love this game.... waaa........ I want to go back to Langkawi la plak...

hehehe~ and now i know that i'm not the only one who miss langkawi.. buktinye... nih hah

p/s : jom buat friendly match kwn2... tringin pla.. injured dlu pn da ok..

Mental Block or Writer's blockage???

ever had that feeling where u just cant think about anythin to write about? well im currently having that feeling...its called a Writers Block *or was it mental block...xnakkkk..... i'm still normal and yeah i'm currently being blocked :(. thats why my blog seems dead for the past few days. Not being the real me.Eventhough people post something unique and crazy. it starts here....but as they always say..a writers worst enemy is he's own mind.So, please help me... 
BOREDOM starts To KILL me..ANd Laziness iS EnGulFing Me... HELPPp...

Dear Yaya..

being bored? seriously I am.. and after blogwalking and googling *hurm.. ade ke istilah nih.. :P. i found something for u yaya.........

i found this...



so cute kan?? hehehe~

Hari ini sekadar ingin berkongsi sebuah peringatan yang ana rasa begitu menyentuh perasaan. Mungkin selama ini kita mengambil ringan bacaan-bacaan sewaktu kita menunaikan solat kerana kurang penghayatan ataupun kerana kita tidak memahami apa yang dibacakan. Mari kita lihat betapa besarnya makna salah satu daripada doa-doa tersebut.

BESARNYA makna DOA YANG KITA LUPAKAN - semasa duduk antara dua sujud. (Diambil dari sini.)

Dalam tidak sedar, setiap hari kita memohon dalam solat kita tetapi sayangnya, kita hanya memohon tanpa memahami. Sekadar tersebut dibibir, tetapi tidak tersentuh dari hati kita selama ini.

Marilah kita mula menghayati doa ketika kita duduk di antara dua sujud semasa solat. Dengan rendah hati nyatakanlah permohonan ampun kepada Allah, Rabbighfirli (Tuhanku, ampuni aku). Diamlah sejenak, buka dada dan diri kita untuk menerima ampunan dari Allah.

Tetaplah membuka diri kita untuk menerima ampunan Allah. Ulangi permintaan itu beberapa kali hingga kita merasakan ketenangan. Kemudian sampaikanlah permintaan kedua, Warhamni (sayangi aku). Diam dan tundukkanlah diri kita untuk menerima kasih-sayang Allah yang tak terhitung besarnya.

Bukalah dada kita seluas-luasnya agar semakin banyak kasih-sayang Allah yang kita terima. Ulanglah beberapa kali hingga kita merasa cukup. Berturut-turut sampaikanlah permintaan-permintaan berikut dengan cara sebagaimana tersebut di atas, satu persatu..

Wajburnii (tutuplah aib-aibku)

Warfa'nii (angkatlah darjatku)

Warzuqnii (berilah aku rezeki)

Wahdinii (berilah aku petunjuk)

Wa'Aafinii (sihatkan aku)

Wa'fuannii (maafkan aku)

Setelah selesai, diamlah sejenak lalu sampaikan rasa syukur kita betapa besarnya nilai doa ini, sebuah doa yang kita hanya remehkan begitu sahaja.

MasyaAllah. Apabila dibaca dengan penuh kesedaran sebegini, perasaannya berbeza kan? :')


just by looking at your smile make me Smiling Too~
SO never let your smile Fade away.. as I might not be able to smile anymore...
wishing the BEST for you

A tough fight

 Life is not always easy. There are some said that live your life to the fullest and fill it with joy and excitement. We work, Study till we forgot to enjoy the pace.. hurm... Seriously, if i were asked what have you done till here. I might be stunted and say nothing about my life. My life is nothing *sigh

Beforee, tears ran down my cheeks and today the warm droplet is no more but it hurts inside. I've tried so hard to cry as my friend told me tht sometimes we need to cry to actually feel relieved later.. but then i've tried so hard and then i realize that my gland is no longer produce the tears.. huhuhu :(. sometimes when i feel upset or depressed, i like to shout it OUT LOUD but there's nothing that came out from my throat....

Does it mean that i've cried a lot already? and this is the time where God tried to tell you that you should not cry anymore? To keep moving on.. So, Hana.. with all the study stress and packed schedule.. you need to bear in your mind.. that Allah is always be there for you when everyone leaving you.. and Ikhlaskan hati in doing anything bad. Remenber that Ok? (*monologue)


TERsenyumlah d saat ujian menimpa dirimu.. 
because you're the choosen one....
yup~ motivate yourself is the up most important things when the exam just around the corner and u had nothing been prepared yet.. and now when people were busy dealing with the strees of finishing the silibus (*lecturer especially) :)... but for now, i need to settle down the problem with Mr M first or else it might be hard for me to actually keep my eye open to study ... lazyy.....
p/s: Mr star will always be here for me.. forever...and will never hurt me.. that's y i love it~

Thursday, October 21, 2010

when it start~

this is some personal day to day notes from hana

I choose not to be a blogger when the examination week is just around the corner but unfortunately, this philic hormone came out.

Everyone expresses themselves in his own unique way, so I would say first that there is no single, correct way to release tension and stress.

As long as my outlet of releasing this negative energy has no detrimental effect to myself or anyone else, I support some consideration in wanting to complete this safely for myself. It shows very responsible, mature thinking on my part. *hehe~prsn diri jap..

But some says that to love something or someone is also a part of releasing tension.So I choose that way.

Aha! I'm fall in love with

Yup~ at last i found a way to actually let go all of my stress...  phew.. i'm having fun with it eventhough it was really exhausted.But then I am not really sure about taking hockey seriously like joining the white eagle team and became an ipg player, at first i take it as hobby and xtvities to spend on fill my leisure..

But now, YES i Am A WHITE EAGLE HOCKEY TEAM~ and i proud with it .. a little. and for this saturday we're going to have a game at IPG Mizan, Besut.. so, Wish us Luck and hopefully we won this Game...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Be yourself ^-^

have you guys ever heard people said
"Be yourself"

off course right? You are not meant to be someone else just because you want to please others. Just be yourself. There are people out there that just love the way you are right now
and princess..I just love the way you are...And it is true tht u and i have our own beauty and uniqueness ..

and thats what make life so Colourful....

We dont know how far the ripples of Our Decisions GO....

And perhaps that's the reason we sometimes don't put into deep thought what we do before doing it. We don't realise that we actually give effect. Take a stone, a pebble for instance and toss it into the lake. I used to love doing this :) and see how the ripples spread. Sometimes it feels as if those ripples on the water could go on and on. And I'd wonder how far they can go. Of course I was little that time.(*but i still doin it now jgak.. :P). Didn't learn about waves, damping and that it all would stop eventually. No matter, I feel it is always exciting to view the world through a child's eyes for we were once children too :)

So, what exactly is my point? Haha...well, I wish to thank those whose actions, words, decisions...have spread to me like ripples of water. Touching my heart personally and many others. Unlike ripples, the actions, words and consequences to decisions people make may spread through the ages and keep going, transcending whatever boundaries that would've stopped it. From the humblest of actions coming from a friend, a neighbour, a brother to magnificent ones from scholars, dear companions and of course our beloved Rasulullah~

Though perhaps unknowingly, many have touched this heart of mine and willed it to wanting more. Taught it many things it wouldn't have known or felt. Taught it love...taught it how to love for the sake of Allah. In the end when you go to the root of everything, they are ripples from Him Himself :) How fortunate to be chosen to spread His word. To be chosen to be the ones that give effect.

My dear brothers & sisters, He chose us. ^_^

Over all that He's created, we are chosen to spread the word, to be His caliphs. With that such a great responsibility and I feel ashamed thinking of how far we are from fulfilling our duties. From giving the right effect.

And for that I must learn. Learn from those ahead of me in this and I must run to catch up. Hold out my hand and reach hoping for it to be taken. Not to forget to take when someone else reaches out theirs. So here I say, thank you. May Allah bless you many, many times over for He is the best at that~

"Tidak mungkin bagi seseorang yang telah diberi kitab oleh Allah, serta hikmah dan kenabian, kemudian dia berkata kepada manusia, "Jadilah kamu penyembahku, bukan penyembah Allah," tetapi (dia berkata), "Jadilah kamu pengabdi-pengabdi Allah, kerana kamu mengajarkan kitab dan kerana kamu mempelajarinya!"
[Ali 'Imran 3:79]
Don't you want to give the right effect? ^_^
p/s: InsyaAllah, i'll do my best to be the BesT Teacher and take my friend too on this journey..........

i- SmiLe


if you're having your hard times, do remeber that it's not the end of the world yet, there must be a reasons for everything that happened, so lets keep on going, HE knows whats the best for us...

p/s: thank you my rum8 ~ the quotes of start ur day wif a smile had give me a lil bit of motivation without i actually realized it.....

I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant this!

  Just imagine a hot, tall, romantic guy take me in this. We go around the city. After that, he took my hand and put the car's key in my hand and say, "it's now yours".

wewiiit.... :P

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

To A Friend: The Superpowers Inside You
The conclusion is, initially, after you've gotten hurt, the wound will stay around and bug you. The wound might get so bad that you think you're never going to heal. But in the end, you will. But it's going to take time. You don't get hurt one day and immediately heal the next unless you've got superpowers.

Memang la saket sekarang. But don't look back.Like what my beloved friend told me, ...apapun yang terjadi, berjalanlah tanpa henti... Just do the best that you can for the present. And while going through it all, I promise you, you're going to wish that you have that superpower that makes you heal faster. But once it's over and done, you're going to know that you have superpowers -in ways you've never expected.
p/s : sorry for seldom calls and texting for you~ and my beloved roomate , i'm sorry because never helped you out :(

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Interconnecting DReams~

It is only in our dreams that we can display our secret longings, heavily suppressed thoughts and our entire subconscious lives that are too superfluous to be shown to others in reality. It is only in our dreams that we can go through elaborate fantastical adventures and rejoice in the products of our imaginations that are too private to be shown in real life. It is only in our dreams that we are allowed to do things that would normally be deemed insane, outrageous or perhaps emotionally and socially illegal without being judged.

Our dreams are our secrets housed in the sanctuary present in each of our minds. It is like a room that is tightly sealed, walled from the ceiling to the floor so that none of our secrets can leak out. In short, whatever happens in and to the room is up to us. For all I care, the room can be the private boudoir with a large tiered bed in the middle where you can lay your head on the fluffiest, most comfortable pillows that have ever existed. For all I care, the room can be so much larger than the boudoir, with an entire world of its' own, consisting of millions of fictitious characters and places inspired by the people in the real life, the books that you read or anything that your mind fancies.

Sometimes I wish that there is a door placed in everybody's sanctuaries that would lead to the many highways interconnecting each and every one of these sanctuaries. The owner of each sanctuary have the power to do anything they want with the door; keep it under heavy locks and chains forever to keep others' out, invite a certain conspiratorial other in to join the fantasies and adventures that you've written at the time or walk through the door and journey through the highway seeking invitations from others into their own room.

And whatever happens in the room, stays in the room.

cURrent Me~

i really feel like blogging right now. so if ure not in the mood to read plenty of crappy words, just go away. come back when i post my short posts alriteee. heh :)

messy bed
unfinished business
layers of fat
stuffs here and there
mind unorganized
thoughts flying
hormones raging
well let start with this quote

i not love being alone, but utterly hate being lonely

technically when you're alone, you're lonely. not really tho, but technically it is. unless u're alone but u're skyping with someone, or texting someone, or there is just this someone or something that's in your brain. well just now, amongst the 8 people i am with, i feel lonely. not that i refuse to accept that fact, just that i realized how many times i've been in that exact position. do i really isolate myself to think that im lonely ? or its just that i don't tend to speak that much around certain circle of people ? i think the 2nd one works. daaaah. i don't care. just a quote i'd ,like to elaborate tonight. HAHA.~

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hidupku sebagai pelajar , remaja


sebagai seorang pelajar , hana tak pernah terlepas dari liku dan dugaan kehidupan.... dari suka dan duka, sakit dan luka, disukai,disayangi,dibenci.. semua itu telah hana lalui.. tetapi hana tahu itu semua takkan berhenti di tika hana habis menulis post nih.. tetapi akan ada lgi banyak dugaan yang mendatang. lagi hebat dan besar dari yg tlh hana hadapi... hana akui, kadang2, hana pernh merungut tntg betapa susah dan "complicatednya" hidup...

bermacam2 masalah, ditimpa bertubi-tubi.. blum sempat bangun dah ade lagi yang menimpa. hingga rapat ke bumi pun prnh hana alami.. xsempat hana nak bernafas.. masalah dengan studi, masalah dengan kawan, mslh duit elaun, maslh ngn masa, masalah dengan hati dan perasaan serta bermacam2 lagi masalah.. smpaikan hana rasa hidup hana ini bagaikan movie atau drama yang dimainkan berulang kali... *sigh....

hinggalah pada satu hari, hana berdoa agar semua masalah  "stop".. xnak lagi hidup mcm drama TV..pnat2 ..
"knp la mesti aku yang mnjdi wataknya".. mcm2... masa tu hana tak sedar, syaitan dan nafsu yang menguasai diri, membuatkan hana lupa tentang nikmat yang tlh Dia beri kpd Hana.. Astaghfirullah....

tapi incident hari itu, membuatkan hana brfikir... muhasabah kembali.. akhirnya hana sedar , hana dah jatuh ke dalam perangkap nafsu dan syaitan.... Lalu, dari situ hana bertekad, xnk lagi menyalahkan takdir.. "itu rukun imanku, kalau aku menyalahkannya maka sesungguhnya aku bukan org yg bertaqwa dan blum btul2 Islam sejati".... "Mana hilangnya semangat aku untuk membanguunkan mana hilangnya diriku? " air mata? xperlu la diceritakan... stiap kali musibah melanda, hana berdoa agar diberikan kekuatan dalam melawan perasaan....

kini semuanya Hana menaruh seluruh kepercayaan kepadaNya, Kekasih Hati yang sejati... Yang sentiasa sayangkan Hana walaupun Hana lalai dan pernah menyalahkan takdirNya.. Hana percaya setiap perkara yang berlaku itu ada hikmahnya.... Bak kata abg Hana ," klu ade owg take advantage atau buat jahat pada kita, kita serahkan sja urusan itu pada Allah. dan jgn pulak kita buat jahat pada org...

jadi sekarang ni, hana Happy, sbb Hana sedar bhwa hana still ade family,kwn2 dan abang yg rajin bgi motivasi dkt hana. Kerana sesungguhnya....

"Allah swt works in mysterious ways. Satu hari, kita akan diuji dengan pelbagai ujian yang AMAT berat, satu hari lagi boleh memberi ganjaran yang berlipat kali ganda. Janji, kita kena sentiasa sabar & redha… pasti hikmahnya akan diberikan! For sure… guaranteed!

so Skrg nih walaupun semakin bertalu-talu perkara negatif terjadi pd hana sejak bulan lepas, hana sentiasa sedar bahawa kita perlulah sentiasa bersabar, redha dan yakin bahawa pulangannya pasti datang.

pesanan saya, tak kira apa yang terjadi pada kita bersabarlah sepenuh hati... dan redha sepenuh hati (bkn berlakon sabar&berlakon redha).. You must feel it in your heart. Pasti Dia akan lebih menyayangi kita

p/s : sekadar luahan bagi travelog hidupku Hana.. Ini adalh cerita HIDUPKU. :)

sesungguhnya aku bertuah kerana mempunyai kamu~

Credit to liyanazul for sending me this email....
Tentang Cinta Buatmu Hana

i know how much , you love me and thats why you kept giving me advices to actually not falling into the trap of this fatamorgana... InsyaAllah.. i am not as perfect as the girl in the story, but i will try to be just like her.. A good muslimah and teacher to be. To actually have the love from Him, and also the person i've love.. I  understand as you were in Egypt ryte now, so you must be wondered on how was malaysia. I email you later k sis. and recently i knew tht u read my blog even you're not mention it :)). so, i think maybe this blog will help you a little to get to know how was malaysia.. It is tough living here but i let you know in my next email k, sis...

amat2 rindukan kamu........ Lots Of LOve from TErenggaNu, MALAYSIA

buatmu pelangi

credit for nur kedamaian for having this in fb
Tiada kemanisan tanpa ada kepahitan, dugaan dan rintangan. Mengecapi kebahagiaan memerlukan pengorbanan. 
Setiap kesenangan akan ada bayaran
Contohnya Tuhan hadirkan pelangi yang indah dan kicau burung yang menyanyikan kedamaian selepas hujan. 
Biar hujan di dalam hati, pasti ada...
pelangi yang menanti. InsyaAllah
akan aku nantikan pelangi itu kerana aku telah menempuh hujan...

Saturday, October 2, 2010


i didnt meant to make u cry...
i didnt want to see u cry....
i just dont want u to worry....
and that's what i've been keep it from you... 
its not that i'm lying but i think its better not for either of us to know....
just let me with it k...

because i'm afraid that these that will make Mr M win...

tearing us apart, 

that's what he want.. and I hope we'll never let him Win.....

plis forgive me....

Sometimes the path you’re on is not as important as the direction you’re heading.

me immature

i guess ive been really immature these past few days.
and my previous posts proves that.
haha... very cliche kan... :P an immatured person talking about being matured.. :P so cute..

ye lah, there are some points that,
i feel i need to outgrow myself,
if i were to b happy with my life.
its just sometimes.. i slipped easily.
forgive me if u find to b uncomfortable with my use of words.
mmg agk pening2.. ckp mcm klin (* wht my sister always told me) hehe

but we never feel satisfied with what we have, dont we? besides, we have the right to actually express our feeling because everything has it owns limit kan?

but then my dear friends 
please, always show me whats right n whats wrong...
because i make mistakes, im no perfect...


A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new 

~ credit to Engku Farahah for this lovely quotes.. :)

and still.. i'm not matured enough yet....
i will learn from my mistakes and know sumthin new, for my own goodness.... :)
so this is the time for me to learn little by litttle to actually be a complete piece of me.. HANA

i just wanna b happy with what i do :)

I Live In A box~

yup~ have you ever thought about this..? i had.. yup.. life sumtime was so hard and tough till then we felt like we lost apart of ourselve throughout the journey. 

in order to be accepted by others and to make others happy... we were pretending just the way they want it .. not the way who we are....we rather lose the chances of doing things that we used before... we rather spend time to take care of others feeling than our own feelings.... we rather draw a smile just to make others happy and not think that you're troublesome... and that's it...

why hah i did that? why most of us did it? hurm... (*sigh)... maybe life sumtimes has it own rules and its own way/strategy to be played ..

but for me.... i think life make me changed so much.. from the REAL WhO i AM... to very non-familiar I am. Till sumtimes, i felt like I am A STRANGER TO MYSELF....  weird kan? how can u doubt urself? so hipocrit kan I? i did it because i want to be accepted into the group. Yes. I admit that I HATE being ALONE..(*that's why FrIends are so IMpORTANT to me)  and i hate being left alone in the darkness.. but then... i need to learn to acccept that as sooner or later.. they will left me .. ALL ALONE...BY MYSELF.. and there's NOBODY... 

then, why should i pretending? i'm supposed to be myself.. The real friends will actually supports you and be with you no matter what.. to share their happy moments and unhappy one wif you... but..only then, you're the one will know.. who are The REAL FRIEND of yours...

tik tok, tik tok.. what time is it? its 2.36 am

and when it obviously shows that how much he/ she hate Love you when u woke up and get a lovely 'good night' message. 

but tonight i promise to myself to never let he win again.. i'll fight till the END

Friday, October 1, 2010

i'll remember that~ ^-^


Sometimes suddenly it gets harder to breathe, then I remember, God's with me.

"Sometimes, Allah breaks our spirit to save our soul. He breaks our heart to make us whole. He sends us pain so that we can be stronger. He sends us failure so we can be humble. He sends us illness so that we can take care ourselves. Sometimes, God takes everything away from us so we can learn the value of everything He gave us"
Rabbi yassir wala tu 'assir Ya Karim, wahai Tuhan yang menghapuskan dukacita, hapuskanlah.

tika saat itu

Arief, seorang lelaki berumur 13 tahun tetapi berpewatakan seperti umur 25 tahun. Kadang-kadang , dipanggil womanizer dek sifatnya yang sangat baik apabila berkomunikasi sengan teman-teman dan rakan perempuannya. namun semua itu tidak pernah disengajakan, atau mungkin sifat semula jadi.

faz, gadis yang sebaya dengannya, berpelajaran, agak tegas dan serius mukanya, namun amat rapat dengan Arief kerana minat yang sama : Fotografi 

 pertemuan pertama arief dan faz bermula ketika minggu orientasi di sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Jitra, tatkala Arief terpandang seorang gadis yang sedang memegang sebuah kamera biasa, OLYMPUS .. namun begitu bersemangat mengambil gambar semut-semut yang sedang pulang ke sarang serta langsung tidak mempedulikan orang ramai, rakan-rakan sedarjah yang ketawa melihat karenahnya itu. Di saaat itu, Arief tahu bahawa gadis itu amat meminati fotografi sama seperti dirinya. Timbul keinginan di hati Arief untuk mengenali gadis itu, namun dia tidak tahu bagaimana untuk memulakannya.

pelbagai cara dan ayat yang telah digunakan untuk dia mendekati gadis itu, dari bertanyakan rakan sekelasnya,curi-curi meminjam buku latihannya di bilik guru serta curi-curi menangkap gambarnya, menggunakan kamera DSLR Nikon D60.namun semuanya tidak berjaya. kerana hati gadis itu belum lagi bersedia untuk bergaul dengan kaum adam terutama dirinya.

pada suatu hari, ketika Arief berada di library sambil D60 tergantung di lehernya, membuatkan Faz tertarik untuk menegurnya lantaran minat Faz terhadap gadget itu. bermula saat itu, Arief dan Faz semakin rapat dan kerap kali dilihat bersama tetapi mereka hanyalah sebagai kawan. 

kerana minat yang sama, Arief dan Faz semakin rapat namun tiada ikatan yang istimewa selain kawan karib. Hari-hari berlalu seperti biasa sehingga pada suatu ketika Arief merasakan sesuatu yang tidak kena pada persahabatan mereka. Dia merasakan semakin hari dia semakin sayang terhadap Faz. Arief merasakan dia telah melakukan kesilapan kerana sebelum ini Faz membuatkan dia berjanji bahawa mereka hanya akan sekadar berkawan dan tidak lebih daripada itu. Kini Arief berada dalam keadaan serba salah kerana dia sudah tidak sanggup lagi menahan perasaannya terhadap Faz. Lalu arief mengambil keputusan untuk meluahkan isi hatinya kepada Faz. Namun, langkah Arief itu ditolak dengan lembut oleh Faz.

Arief : Erm...mmm.. Awak.....
faz : npe awak? mcm ade sumthin yg nk ckp ngn sy jea?
arief : hurm..(*smbil tersenyum manis) awak rasa kalau saya suka pada awak mcm mn?
faz : hah (*terkejut) saya lebih sukakan awak sebagai kawan saya. lagipun awak kan kawan baik saya dan kita tak pernah lebih dari itu.. kan arief? (*tersenyum)
arief : *sigh.. baiklah... (* berpura gembira bagi menyembunyikan perasaan hampa) . Kita kawan selamanya. :)

semenjak dari hari itu, hubungan arief dan faz bertambah erat tp hanyalah sebagai kawan dan teman baik. persahabatan mereka berkekalan sehingga hampir 2 tahun lamanya. dari study group, main, bersukan, ke library, ke sekolah menaiki bas... semuanya dilakukan secara bersama-sama. tambahan pula, rumah arief dan faz tidaklah jauh. Mereka tinggal setaman cuma sebelum ini belum mengenali jiran-jiran yang lain.

dari hari ke hari, arief menyedari bahawa dia dan faz banyak mempunyai persamaan dan minat yang sama. Hal ini membuatkan mereka selalu sahaja berjalan bersama. Tanya sahaja pada kawan-kawan sekolah, semua pasti mengenali arief dan faz. Kerana selalunya di mana ada arief di situ ada faz. :)

kini, setelah pemergian arief. Baru faz menyedari bahawa dalam diam dia juga menyimpan perasaan sayang terhadap arief. Kini segala kenangan bersama tersemat rapi di kotak fikiran faz~

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Aku di sini..

Aku mula mencari titik mula. Aku mencari rahmat dan belas ehsan-Nya. Aku mencari kasih-Nya yang sempurna. Dan aku merasakan hati dan jiwa mula bersatu dengan diri yang hilang tadi, mulai tenteram.