Saturday, October 2, 2010

me immature

i guess ive been really immature these past few days.
and my previous posts proves that.
haha... very cliche kan... :P an immatured person talking about being matured.. :P so cute..

ye lah, there are some points that,
i feel i need to outgrow myself,
if i were to b happy with my life.
its just sometimes.. i slipped easily.
forgive me if u find to b uncomfortable with my use of words.
mmg agk pening2.. ckp mcm klin (* wht my sister always told me) hehe

but we never feel satisfied with what we have, dont we? besides, we have the right to actually express our feeling because everything has it owns limit kan?

but then my dear friends 
please, always show me whats right n whats wrong...
because i make mistakes, im no perfect...


A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new 

~ credit to Engku Farahah for this lovely quotes.. :)

and still.. i'm not matured enough yet....
i will learn from my mistakes and know sumthin new, for my own goodness.... :)
so this is the time for me to learn little by litttle to actually be a complete piece of me.. HANA

i just wanna b happy with what i do :)

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