Thursday, October 21, 2010

when it start~

this is some personal day to day notes from hana

I choose not to be a blogger when the examination week is just around the corner but unfortunately, this philic hormone came out.

Everyone expresses themselves in his own unique way, so I would say first that there is no single, correct way to release tension and stress.

As long as my outlet of releasing this negative energy has no detrimental effect to myself or anyone else, I support some consideration in wanting to complete this safely for myself. It shows very responsible, mature thinking on my part. *hehe~prsn diri jap..

But some says that to love something or someone is also a part of releasing tension.So I choose that way.

Aha! I'm fall in love with

Yup~ at last i found a way to actually let go all of my stress...  phew.. i'm having fun with it eventhough it was really exhausted.But then I am not really sure about taking hockey seriously like joining the white eagle team and became an ipg player, at first i take it as hobby and xtvities to spend on fill my leisure..

But now, YES i Am A WHITE EAGLE HOCKEY TEAM~ and i proud with it .. a little. and for this saturday we're going to have a game at IPG Mizan, Besut.. so, Wish us Luck and hopefully we won this Game...

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Aku di sini..

Aku mula mencari titik mula. Aku mencari rahmat dan belas ehsan-Nya. Aku mencari kasih-Nya yang sempurna. Dan aku merasakan hati dan jiwa mula bersatu dengan diri yang hilang tadi, mulai tenteram.