Thursday, September 30, 2010

when what Mr M said might be true..... :)

hehehe~ Mr M .. Congratulations for winning this evening game by beating me 1-0. but i'll make sure that the number will never be the same for tomorrow.. i'll win back... :)

and now do you feel satisfied? for beating me... hey.. thanks for what u've been told me coz sumtimes when i thought about it.. it seem to be TRUE.. and maybe u know more about me rather that i know who i am...

what u asked is nothing more....
because u hate me when i'm happy
especially when i with sumbody
and it is might be true that i'm a kpochi(*busybody)...
till make people annoyed wif me....
but then u said that love i dont deserved...
but why you kept stalking on me....
if you really2 like me....
Opps... i really to say that 'I'M SORRY'
because all the things that you make me...
make me lazy but happy... :P

and what u said that the truth is shown. yes i've been realize tht. 
but then.. u'll never let me down.. :P


Reality is harsh. It can be cruel and ugly.
 Yet no matter how much we grieve over our environment and circumstances
nothing will change. 

What is important is not to be defeated, to forge ahead bravely.

If we do this, a path will open before us. ryte? so by this say NO to war !! :)

oh my .....~

I cant believe it .
Do u realize how happy i am now ?
I see life in a different way without u .
I cant even remember how we felt in love .
It was a sad day , then everythin got better !
I dont love u .
I really dont .
Trust me , i am not lying !
Im fine without u .

*read the blue one !


......Life your life to the fullest.....
Enjoy it every single moment

dont worry about others... :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

small story to be think~

Professor began his class by holding up a glass with some water in it. 
He held it up for all to see & asked the students
"How much do you think this glass weighs?"

'50gms!' ..... '100gms!' .....'125gms' ...the students answered.

"I really don't know unless I weigh it," said the professor,
"but, my question is:

What would happen if I held it up like this for a few minutes?"

'Nothing' ..the students said.

'Ok what would happen if I held it up like this for an hour?' the

professor asked.

'Your arm would begin to ache' said one of the student

"You're right, now what would happen if I held it for a day?"

"Your arm could go numb, you might have severe muscle stress & paralysis &
have to go to hospital for sure!".. ventured another student & all the students laughed

"Very good.
But during all this, did the weight of the glass change?" asked the

'No'. Was the answer.

"Then what caused the arm ache & the muscle stress?"

The students were puzzled.

"What should I do now to come out of pain?" asked professor again.

"Put the glass down!" said one of the students

"Exactly!" said the professor.

"Life's problems are something like this.Hold it for a few minutes in your head & they seem OK. Think of them for a long time & they begin to ache. Hold it even longer & they begin to paralyze you. You will not be able to do anything. It's important to think of the challenges or problems in your life, But EVEN MORE IMPORTANT is to 'PUT THEM DOWN' at the end of every day before You go to sleep... That way, you are not stressed :) , you wake up every day fresh &strong & can handle any issue, any challenge that comes your way!"

So, when you get something or when you leave your class/office today,
Remember to ' PUT THE GLASS DOWN !

p/s : but it isn't wrong if u're boring wif ur life and want to have fum wif the 'glass and the weight' . Tensed with the blog pict uploader... huhu

Monday, September 27, 2010

My Emo TAlk~

waking up with a spirit but end up the day with spiritless~ hurm...  maybe this is what people were said that to live a life is all about to give a life.... i'm was little depressed with my oral , there's nothing in my presentation today as for nothing were playing in my medulla to be spilt out... speechless kowt..*sigh...(owh.. hw much i miss the word) *sigh .. 

fortunately , i have my friends that do help me to get out of the miserable presentation or oral.. yup...thanks to adihas. i luv u .. muah..muah..

seriously, try to squeeze my mind till the last drop of an idea make me wanna cry out loud and feel in the test room, but then i've been realize that i need to help myself and never let MR. M win this game...  :P. i the one who gonna play and win this... and for sure I"M READY FOR MORE>>
level of conf idence: decreasing.... >>> but i nd to boost it up fast. i nd it.... :O

but now, here i am.. thinking no more about it but busy preparing myself for the next test and next day~ besides, let by gone be by gone ryte :P....da2..

p/s: so hungry.. waiting for food...

For no reason

things has been released.. revealed. Once, I felt satisfy for no specific reason. Maybe cuz I know that what I had think before is what actually happened. Go on with what I am doing now, but make sure I will upgrade my subconcious to be more concious.. what is actually hidden from it...and plus... i wish the incident happened today wont repeated tomorrow... so tired lorh... *sigh...  miserable... thats the best... i guess..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

am i?

I think, I've been nice to people.
But sometimes, people haven't been nice to me.
Or.. I haven't been nice to people
So, people think they shouldn't be nice to me?

I like to do things in the right way. Sometimes things do not derive to the right way as I would like it to be. Or maybe it was just right, but it wasn't been right to my eyes? Or am I too emotional, not independence? I
think, I tell people the right things, I don't know how it rights to people, but at least.. it's right to me.

i hate this feaeling but yeay its true.... =(

Saturday, September 25, 2010


i LOVE my new life and happy  with it....~

new life is just a way us to gain knowledge, experience and also forgeting the past... 
so keep on smiling and there's nothing you cant overcome~ 
unforgetable ones even if i'm gone~
Thanks to ENGKU FARAHAH and FAKHIRAH for everything..... 
i've learnt a lot and keep a lot of our memories in my medulla oblongata........

and life is made up of many  pieces
 i'm on my way to collect the pieces to complete a wonderful picture so help me with it k..  walla...lala..  :))

a reflections~

‎" When we have an exam the next day, we are willing to stay up all night. If we have a paper due, we get up early in the morning to complete it. If we wake up late for school or work, we rush to get dressed. Yet, when it comes to the duties of Allah, we couldn't be lazier! When it comes to the duties of Allaah, we are so laid back! When will we set our priorities straight?! "


another MMS.. just perfect... hurm,... M doesnt you felt like you were wasting your money?? MMS is quite expensive u know... if you feels nothin , it is better for you to buy me a box of chocolates like ferrero or cadbury.. it tasty and better compare to 'very sweet' picture u've sent.. and for your info.. i'll never get affected.. :P.. at least i'm HAPPY with it... knowing that they happy to be together.. THANKS to you lorh... :)

nothing to dreamt of :P


AND now YOU're OLDER than me.... cant wait for the cutey picts of your nephew... :D

and send my regards to my 'anak angkat' hehehe ..

Friday, September 24, 2010

For E.F.E.O

i met a friend..
who in olden times we were total strangers...
now we're like siblings....
it's kinda funny to think back that we've known each other not really well.... 

after a week..
never know how each other look...
even same class...and same room.. you're so brave living wif a stranger :D.. hehehe~
and suddenly we're really close....
i appreciate it...thank you AH...

luv you and odaijini my dear

after finishaing my assignment, i went travel to another world~ A blogger's World... 
and there i met a blog that remind me of myself before...  yup~ just exactly the same.....
and it do really make me realize that i miss tht 'me' so much.. but then i cant be that 'me' again as everything tht i face now was totally changed me... *sigh...


i used to make joke and fun and laugh all day wif my fren.....

i always keep on smiling throughout the day that were passed like a princess who got evrything that she want and nothing to be worry about...

i used to put everything that i like even cartoons and hilarious things on my desk...

i used to make more friends and totally enemyless kuwt.. ;P

i  used to kept my saving  rather than spending it... yela tu rsenya dlu i spendthrif on nonsense things la.. 

i like when it is PE class and played just like Sakura get the aura just like Nant....

very hardworking :P..hehehe

 but now... evrything has turn upside down... and i dont know why? :(

Thursday, September 23, 2010

when the ride get tough~

hurm... why people sumtimes are so hard to understand others.. and sometimes why people always fight with each other... huhu~ i dont know what i've done till i was threaten.... pl.iz.
i just want to make more friends.. not enemy

Monday, September 20, 2010

when there's a word

"Perempuan yang mulia menurut agama adalah, seorang perempuan yang pandai menjaga kehormatannya, 
sedangkan lelaki yang baik menurut agama ialah lelaki yang bisa memuliakan perempuan dan mengajak ke arah kebaikan..."

Sunday, September 19, 2010



I pray that you're happy. Even if it's not with me.
I pray that you'll continue to live on. Even when I'm already gone.
I pray that you'll find love. Even when I have lost mine.

For the bits of you that are still there and the pieces of you that are nowhere to be found,

I love you.
because you're my fren


Saturday, September 18, 2010

:) =) ;) :( =(

To realize something, ASk someone...

Try to Ask yourself...

What if Allah couldn't take the time to bless us today because we couldn't take the time to thank Him yesterday..?

What if Allah decided to stop leading us tomorrow because we didn't follow Him today..?

What if we never saw another flower bloom because we grumbled whenever Allah sent the rain..?

What if Allah didn't walk with us today because we failed to recognize it as His day..?

What if Allah took away His message because we failed to listen to messanger..?

What if the door of the mosque was closed because we didn't open the door 
of our heart..?
What if Allah stop loving and caring for us because we failed to love and care for others..?

What if Allah would not hear us today because we would not listen to Him..?

What if Allah answered our prayers the way we answer His call..?

What if Allah mets our needs the way we give our lives..?

What if we failed to uderstand this..?? 

 take this and improve ourselves from bad to good, good to better and better to THe BeST.. (^_^)


I wish I can forget the past....
i wish not having this feeling anymore
But as i try to get away...
It affect me more and more....


A letter for you.

A letter to My Sisters...

I sat in the car that night, after the blessed day of Eid, and watched you while my heart tore to shreds. You were so pretty, so confident, so relaxed as you strolled across the street while your "boyfriend" casually rested his arm on your shoulder. How I longed to get out of the car, take anything I could get my hands on, and cover you with it, that I might conceal some of what you deemed prudent to reveal and save you from being the object of lustful gazes.

Sure, your jeans fitted well, like a second skin, and your bare shoulders glistened beneath the street lights. No doubt, the effect you had aimed to achieve had been realized, but was Allah pleased with the effect you produced?

That "look" that you spend such a lot of time cultivating — tell me, what will be its end? All of us at last will enter a dark and lonely earth-filled grave, where your body that you spent so much time trying to perfect for the eyes of others will be food for the worms and ants.

The music that blared from the speakers of the car that you had emerged from shook the very earth beneath me, but undoubtedly an earthquake from Allah would have shook the ground even more. Where would that have left us, my dearest sister? Are you ready to meet your Lord?

And then the Adhan rang out. Not one of your friends switched off their thumping music. The call, sent to us by Allah since the time of His blessed Prophet, fell on deaf ears that were accustomed to the voice of Shaytan alone.

And I cried as I thought of our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah upon him) wandering the streets of Ta'if, calling towards the Oneness of God, towards a path that you have been blessed with, without any effort on your part. I cried as I pictured the stones from street urchins hitting his blessed body. Could you imagine yourself to be one of those who cast stones at the beloved of Allah and said to him, "Your way is not for me. Go, for I am at peace with what I have found. My desires reign supreme." Could it be that you are thinking like them — those who drew blood from his blessed body and caused his shoes to stick to his feet because of the excessive blood flowing into them?

I had to stifle the urge to get out of the car, stand in the middle of the street, and shout at all of you to stop! For Allah's sake — stop! My dearest sister, I love you. More than anything, I desire success for you. And what is success? Is it attracting the glance of men who desire you for nothing more than your body? Is it going out and having a "good time"? I would never want to see you suffer. But time has taught me that the path you are on is a slippery one that leads to nothing more than misery.

Once upon a time, I too believed that there was nothing more to life than having "fun." I too reveled in male attention that gave me a sense of self-worth — until I found purpose.

"What is purpose?" you ask. One word — Allah and following His way. That means leading a life filled with service to mankind and spreading goodness. No amount of male attention is going to fill that emptiness, the void left by not having Allah in your life.

I will pray for you and keep hoping that we will someday be friends in Paradise. Ameen. Until then, I'm ready to help you in any way. I am your sister in Islam.

p/s : thanks aida for da meaningful emel.. hope you dnt mind i post it at here


yup.. the word seem to suits me well. Secrets is something that we kept it to ourselves and sometime we do told it to the trustworthy and closest one. Why there are the term  " SECRETS"....?? and "Sharing is caring is always been related to it. Was it true? And what do you think about this..?

if we share ....
making people HATE You more day by day..

if we share,
people befriend because they feel PITY with you...

if we share
people were WORRIED of what are going to happened next...

if we share
make your best friend LIE to you...

if we share
making other get HEADACHES for thinking to help you out with it....

if we share
make your friend SACRIFICE his/her Happiness ...

if we share
make you and your friends FIGHTING and NOT TALKING for days....

if we share
getting yourself being BLACKMAILED because to busybody in others personal life...

if we share
just make others HURT and CRY because of you....

if we share
make you feel HAppY but brings SAD and DULL to your friends life...

we try to CARe but people DONT WANT that. 

so, what we should do?

so, is it "sharing is caring" is true?  I think most people been secretive or called secretive because they seem to see that sharing only bring problems and hurt their love one. then they chose not to tell the 'Things' to other .. we cannot say that by not telling is being secretive ryte? but why?

Doa ketika jatuh cinta~

i got this emel from lianazul.

Allahu Rabbi, aku minta izin Ketika suatu saat nanti aku jatuh cinta
Jangan biarkan cinta untuk-Mu berkurang
Hingga membuat lalai akan adanya engkau Allahu Rabbi,
aku punya pinta Ketika suatu saat nanti aku jatuh cinta
Penuhilah hatiku dengan bilangan cinta-Mu yang tak terbatas
Biar rasaku pada-Mu tetap utuh Allahu Rabbi,
izinkanlah Ketika suatu saat nanti aku jatuh cinta
Pilihkan untukku seseorang yang hatinya penuh dengan cinta-Mu
Dan membuatku semakin mengagumimu Allahu Rabbi
Ketika suatu saat nanti aku jatuh cinta
Pertemukanlah kami Berilah kami kesempatan untuk lebih mendekati cinta-Mu Allahu Rabbi,
pintaku yang terakhir Ketika suatu saat nanti aku jatuh cinta
Jangan pernah Kau palingkan wajah-Mu dariku
Anugerahkanlah aku cinta-Mu Cinta yang tak pernah pupus oleh waktu Amiiinnn.......

p/s : special buat kawan2ku yg sedang,tgh bru bercinta... sesungguhnya aku tidak pernah menghalang fitrah manusia, cme jagalah dirimu kerana dirimu begitu berharga. B


5 hari aku cuba sabar tidak mahu ku titiskan air mlm ni aku tewas jua...aku nangis akhirnya...Tuhan kuatkanlah semangatku untuk ku lalui dugaanMu ini...hatiku terluka, disaat diriku melawan kesengsaran ini...apakah ini pengakhiran bagi kami berdua?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Few things~

Staying on bed... and not moving around sometimes make people bored... same as my boredom.. so, here's few things that i wasting spent my time on. only few pictures in my thumbdrive.. itu la.. spe sruh rosakkan mother board.. =((. And for those that were not in. I'm Sorry. later i'll try fbooking  and stealing your pictures.. STEALING?? NO..NO...bru je abis posa..hurm... later2 la ea.. tunggu nnt i'll get the photos from my um8 trcyg...itupun klu S.Ds.L. Opps.. hehe..

when the QUEENS are here~ =D
Picts in my Besties folder.. Thanks to the Besties folder's owner...  
sori la men ambik jea folder nih.. ntah spe punye pn x ingt da

sometimes there is UP and DOWN~

when the saying is TRuE..
when there's an ocean,there's a whale.. =)
Smile and there's Nothing you can't overcome...

TRy it if You're A Genius

hahaha~ very catchy postkan.... actually.. few days back have make me realize that the Mouse...i mean "MOUSE" with the 'click'..'click' sound are quite difficult if you only had a capable left hand... to click and navigate it was so difficult and it take time for you to actually 'click' on the windows START..


make a software or a device that enable a left-handed user or for the OKU, to make 'clicking' easier for them.. even i only had a 'temporary disable right-handed'...  hehehe..(* dnt know wht the term used..i need to read more medic books.. adoyaiii..)

so.. for those who want to try to use your already had 'MOuse'.. please do so... and if it is Okay with you.. just continued..hahahaha

p/s: they are so cute.. aren't they?? hehehehee

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Aku suka RAYA dulu......

Raya kali ini x best mcm dulu.... xde rasa kemeriahan hari raya... cume sekadar buat kuih raya, ketupat raya, rendang raya, dan duet raya... duet raya?? X2.. duet raya pun da mkin kurang dpt tahun nih....

KAli ini blik beraya di kampung dah tak macam dlu... rse lenggang jea.. lgpun mungkin sebab kali ini cume dua famili yang blik.. pagi raya kami bertolak dari rumah.. klu x kerana diriku, mungkin dua hari awl kami da bley blik.. :(. tp x mengapa at least blik beraya juga..blik tgk kampung, blik umah arwah tok.. g raya umah long mah (jiran tuk di kampung) dan umah sedara mara yang yg sedeynya petang raya , kami da bertolak blik kedah....

abis cerita raya pertama.....

RAYA ke-2...
hari ini aktiviti berjalan seperti bulan posa..sbb kami smua berpuasa.. bagi aku.. mmg wajib kna posa...hehe.
bkn sebab nk kuruskn badan tau...  Arini pun sama x terasa mcm raya.... tunggu kawan2 dtg beraya pun , kebanyakan kawan2 smuanya org KL dan the latest adalah TErengganu....

nk ajk kawan SMJ pun, ade yg da lupa muka yg x comel ni... arini x gi beraya mne2 memandangkan sefamili berposa .. lgpun adik nk ambik PMR jd dia lebih prefer untuk dudk di umah... STUDY...STUDY...ktanya..

tp.. aku rindu raya dulu.... RAYA yang DULu....

sesi fotografi .. =)

ini gambar mse empat daripada lapan famili bhgn penang yang blik beraya... rombongan dri SP, dan Penang sendiri... mmg kecoh.. terutamanya bila mlm raya dan raya pertama.....

bila anak,menantu, cucu semua ade.. =D

13 cucu kesemuanya, ak termasuk ngn cicit-cicit lagi time tu.. ntah cmne la tok mse tu kn.. msti pening kpala ngn keletah anak cucu... klu time ramai2 mcm nih.. knfem dapurla jd tempat bercerita dan bersembang... tua muda...besar kecik...gemuk kurus....bulat bujur smuanya ada...hehe .. smbil buat kuih,masak2 sambil2 bertukar2 cerita... bagi aku mcm ni lah yang dikatakan raya.. lebih ceria dan meriah ngan mcm2 ada....

sehari sebelum raya...

                               suasana pada petang sebelum raya.. tp gambar nih pda tahun 2007...

kemeriahan terasa.. bg kanak2 terutamanya

kemeriahan terasa...kanak-kanak la terutamanya... berinai jari-jemari.. teringat masa kecik dlu2.... sanggup 'keras tangan" semata-mata xnk inai jd comot...hehehe

gotong royong di petang raya

satu pesanan Buat AKU..

kebosanan yang teramat disebabkan tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa syawal ini membuatkan aku hanya bermain dengan komputer dan melayari laman web.... kekadang aku mengerling jumlah emel inboxku yang hampir mencecah 15,456.. malas delete punya hal..hehe.. tba2 ade emel baru.. dri salah seorang temanku di JOrdan... mmg aku tgh rindukan dia.. mcm tau2 aje...lalu aku baca emel itu dan inilah kandungannya:

 "Buat sahabatku disana,

Jangan cari cinta manusia,

ia penuh dengan penipuan,


dan tak kekal..

Tapi carilah cinta Allah..

tiada penipuan,
tidakkan pernah mengecewakan

itulah cinta abadi..

Cinta yang diredahai..

Aku.Dia. dan.KAmu....

Buat pertama kalinya..

Terima Kasih Kamu kerana menyedarkan aku dari mimpiku...

Mimpi yang telah menghayutkan aku...

Tapi kini aku telah tersedar dari buaian mimpi itu..

Terima KAsih...Terima Kasih...


Kata-kata kamu terhadap AKU pada hari itu...

membuatkan AKU tersedar bahawa AKU bukan siapa-siapa pada DIA..

tidak seperti teman Istimewanya yang juga kawan KAMU..

Tetapi KAMU.... janganlah bimbang..

AKU sudah berjanji kepada KAMU dan juga diri AKU 

bahawa AKU tidak akan mencampuri personal life DIA dan

KAMU mungkin gembira..

jika AKU mengatakan bahawa AKU dan DIA sudah tidak seperti dulu...

 sama dengan apa yang KAMU inginkan...

Kadang-kadang AKU berkata kepada diriku...

Kenapa AKU perlu berbuat begitu dan takut pada KAMU...

padahal KAMU hanyalah manusia biasa 

dan apa yang AKU lakukan adalah benar...

apa yang AKU lakukan adalah untuk menyelamatkan DIA dari kerakusan dunia...

dan kini baru AKU tersedar betapa lemahnya IMAN AKU...

lebih takutkan manusia daripada kuasa Yang Maha Esa..

Astagfirullah.. beristighfar panjang AKU...


tapi seandainya AKU mengendahkan kata-kata KAMU

itu bermakna AKU hanya pentingkan diriku dan tdk memikirkan tntg Kebahagiaan DIA
hati AKU runsing... SMS demi SMS yang diterima membuatkan AKU keliru...

antara DAKWAH dan KEBAHAGIAAN seorang TEman yang AKU anggap SAHABAT...
KAMU.... Mengapa KAMU membuat AKU begini....

AKU bukanlah siapa-siapa dalam hidup DIA...

Dan AKU tidak pernah memiliki DIA....

DIA bebas.... AKU tak pernah mengongkong DIA...

lagipun siapalah AKU dalam HIDUP DIA....
Hanya sekadar kawan...........



maafkan AKU kerana AKU tidak mampu untuk menceritakan yang sebenarnya...

jangan bimbang tentang hal ini..kerana AKU tahu untuk mengawalnya...

dan AKU akan selesaikannya secepat mungkin....

AKU harap DIA terus bahagia dengan hidup DIA ya... 

teruskan apa yang DIA lakukan...

AKU akan sentiasa ada di saat DIA memerlukan aku ... jangan takut DIA...

DIA.. kamu tak akan pernah kehilangan AKU...

kerana AKU tidak akan sekali-kali meninggalkan DIA...

Mulai sekarang AKU akan cuma memerhatikan KAMU dan tak akan lebih daripada itu....

Maafkan AKU........

p/s : kpd kamu...plis stop all those ridiculous msj and miskol... tht shows tht u're chicken... or are you afraid of me recognize your voice..
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Aku di sini..

Aku mula mencari titik mula. Aku mencari rahmat dan belas ehsan-Nya. Aku mencari kasih-Nya yang sempurna. Dan aku merasakan hati dan jiwa mula bersatu dengan diri yang hilang tadi, mulai tenteram.