Thursday, September 16, 2010

TRy it if You're A Genius

hahaha~ very catchy postkan.... actually.. few days back have make me realize that the Mouse...i mean "MOUSE" with the 'click'..'click' sound are quite difficult if you only had a capable left hand... to click and navigate it was so difficult and it take time for you to actually 'click' on the windows START..


make a software or a device that enable a left-handed user or for the OKU, to make 'clicking' easier for them.. even i only had a 'temporary disable right-handed'...  hehehe..(* dnt know wht the term used..i need to read more medic books.. adoyaiii..)

so.. for those who want to try to use your already had 'MOuse'.. please do so... and if it is Okay with you.. just continued..hahahaha

p/s: they are so cute.. aren't they?? hehehehee

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