Monday, September 27, 2010

My Emo TAlk~

waking up with a spirit but end up the day with spiritless~ hurm...  maybe this is what people were said that to live a life is all about to give a life.... i'm was little depressed with my oral , there's nothing in my presentation today as for nothing were playing in my medulla to be spilt out... speechless kowt..*sigh...(owh.. hw much i miss the word) *sigh .. 

fortunately , i have my friends that do help me to get out of the miserable presentation or oral.. yup...thanks to adihas. i luv u .. muah..muah..

seriously, try to squeeze my mind till the last drop of an idea make me wanna cry out loud and feel in the test room, but then i've been realize that i need to help myself and never let MR. M win this game...  :P. i the one who gonna play and win this... and for sure I"M READY FOR MORE>>
level of conf idence: decreasing.... >>> but i nd to boost it up fast. i nd it.... :O

but now, here i am.. thinking no more about it but busy preparing myself for the next test and next day~ besides, let by gone be by gone ryte :P....da2..

p/s: so hungry.. waiting for food...

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