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:: Jaja, Aa and Coco : The chick, duckling and crocodile ::

Salam. Alhamdulillah. my PBS went on well eventhough i need to go for check up in the evening. Pretty tired but EXPERINCES are precious right.

And this is a story that i narrate during relief-class for standard 2. It was tell in Malay and the storyline is by my students. i just cut and adapt it a little bit and tell them. Alhamdulillah. The class was under control for 2 periods. Thumbs up :D

__________:: ENGLISH VERSION - translated by me. [sorry for my bad english but i'm learning]______

Once upon a time, there was a chick and a duckling that live in a farm. They were best friends. They were like sisters. In the farm, they were free to do anything. They eat together. They study together.They play together. Everything they did together. They live with smile and laughter everyday.

one day, there are a new member in the neighbourhood. The chick, Jaja and the duckling, Aa make friend with Coco, the crocodile. They want to be like the three masketeers. Always be together and had fun together. Jaja's heart ffluttered because they had more friends now.

but as time pass, Jaja feels like the bond between her and Aa is losen. Aa spent more time with Coco now. When they want to go out of the farm and swim at the lake, Jaja always ask to go with. But Aa refused to take Jaja along. As Jaja could not swim like her and Coco. She afraid about Jaja's safety. so, there went Jaja left at the farm while Aa out having fun with Coco.
"I'll be ok". They'll be back soon and Aa can join me to the park" said Jaja.
In the evening, Aa arrived. And Jaja asked her to join her to the park.

Aa : "Sorry Jaja. I am so tired. Tomorrow okay? "
Jaja : " urm.. Its okay by then. have a good rest Aa. :) "

and that day Jaja play at the park by her own. She play everything and try to cheer herself up. but it ended she's crying at the side of the lake. She cried because she feels lonely. Her best friend are no longer want to befriend with her.She cried and cried until all her tears dried.

then she look upon the lake. " hey, there's a new member. she is like me".. Jaja smiled.
" its not a friend' its my reflection. Oh, i'm so ugly, my mouth is small, my leg is short. no wonder why Aa dont want to be friend with me anymore. Coco is a good looking, kind and caring. I'm just nobody" said Jaja and she continued crying.

The next day, she met Aa.

Jaja : "hye Aa, where were you yesterday? I'm waiting for you at our playground."
Aa : "Owh, sorry. I forgot about it..[feels quilty]. can we make it tomorrow. I promise i'll be there"
Jaja : "Okay."

and it is still the same. Jaja waited for Aa but she never turned up. So, Jaja make her way home.
And on her way home, she saw Aa and Coco were having fun at the lake.They were so happy. Laughing. Till they never realized there was somebody there. watching.  Jaja ran back home. Sad.

In the evening, she met Aa by accident.
Jaja : "hye Aa, where were you? I'm waiting for you at our playground:
Aa : "Owh, sorry. I'm not feeling well today. Uhuk2. [coughing]

Jaja's heart and hope were crashed into pieces. Aa, lied to her. 

"Why? Why did she lied to me?" Jaja questioned herself.

She was so dissappointed. The next day and the day after that, Jaja refused to go out. She stay at home and doing nothing. Actually she was waiting for Aa to come and ask her of how is she. Like she did to do before went Aa is absent and she take all the homework to Aa's home.

====================== TO BE CONTINUE ===========================

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