Friday, April 6, 2012

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Assalamualaikum wbt.. Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah the Merciful as we still got the chance to breath, to live and I still have the chance to share something with you guys..

Lately, i've been busy with a few assignments that are conquering my schedule. There are so many works to do till sometimes i felt 24-hours are never be enough. I need more. We need more. Times to pray, to eat, to rest, to play, to do work, to socialize.. and all those things make me ask for more...

Stress out.
Having a group assignment when no one make a move will make everyone get a headache. the dateline is near but PROGRESSION. There's not.

few days back, i realize something about my class. We're lack of understanding and unity among the class. It show when we're having a hard situation  to make a decision. I bet you guys also facing the same things right? So, i'm 'wonder around' to find the real cause and and least i try to suggest, to help.. but instead of receiving a gratitude of thanks. I got a door bamming right on my face. Quite SURPRISE! What was my fault? But at last, i pampered myself that at least i try to make things better. Maybe this is the test from Allah for me to learn something about it..

To be a learder is not easy.. is true. [need to prepare myself towards it]

Always be positive. ;)

For me, when you stop learning, you stop leading. Like, A good employer will try the best to control the situation and they also will listen to their employees opinions. They dont reject it without hearing the explanation and thing the rational of it.

So, this is my time to start learning to be a leader at least to my friends, my family or an organisation.

p/s : Make your thing done.. ;D

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