Wednesday, November 21, 2012

:: T_T ?::

you know why when people are sad they tend to do this. T_T. like we can see it use "TT"/ double 'T' that mean tough time.

and i'm doing T_T right now.

yup. it is tough time right now. I've lost. Almost give up. sometimes i wonder of what did i do.

i need someone to talk to but i cant talk to my parents as they are now having enough from me,

i cant talk to my brother as he has a family comitment now. [A family leader. A husband].
I cant talk to my sister as she's having her SPM now [ best of luck dear],
I cant talk to my BFTJ as i already troubled her so much during school, it is not because i dont want. but i dont know how to start.

i used to talk to you, friend.
i still remember my first phone call with my friend. It always start with a sms. Entah kenapa tibe-tibe. :P

"Fafa, i dreamt about you" and i did reply it with "hahaha.please :P "
then a call. Seriously at that moment i really nervous on either to pick it up or not.
if yes, it surely will have an awkward moment when both ", *silent".
if not, it will take months to wait for news.
and now i miss the moment.

friend, you always know when i have problems.
when i replied 'ok' for how are you Question, 

there will be a quick replied from you "are you really-really ok? mentally physically emotionally?
"nothing big,  i can bear with it".. i said.  and you will quickly.." just tell me, i'm listening "
and there we will talk / chat all day on the matter.
you are a good listener. You'll listened and then advised me. Motivated me. Supported me.
but we spent too much regarding on my ' things'. and we forgot to talk on your 'things'.
i always know you as a happy person. A smile is always there. Just like when we're both being punish for cut classes. :D.
"Life is colourful with friends and smiles." writen by you on my desk. and there i've learn the meaning of friendship


sorry i'm being carried away. quite confused  right now. Dont know what to do. T_T.

Dear Allah, help us to go through this. I believe that You gave a test that we all can bear with it. And You never make something happened without a reason behind it. Keep us all strong and patient. And please Ya Allah, help my 'muslim family' in Syria and Gaza. Help us to fight for Islam".  


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