Tuesday, November 2, 2010

it is a Secret...

secrets are secrets when you don't tell anyone, they are things that you kept hidden and not expressed. secrets should have no clue, no anything. safely sealed between you and yourself. they are beyond explanation, mystery thoughts of yours that keep on strolling around and unrevealed incidents that you keep to yourself or certain initiated people. being talkative is just a friendly act to tell stories and make them feeling comfortable around you without spilling secrets.

i don't think names of important people around me, what they mean to me and the person that is with me are secrets.and my sad emotion is also a part of my little secrets. although i used to write about it in my  diary and every paper that i hold when i had a feeling to express sumthing but most of the time i wrote them in general or abstract. i will tell i am sad but not why i am sad. i don't know, i just don't wanna tell because that feeling lasts short after blurting them out, plain silly. prefer to let those secrets fly away and not staying in my chest. yea, wings are better than to be buried in the ground except the part that they always come back -_-

but then i've realize that for someone that i put a trust on has betrayed me... the secret that has been told is no longer between us.. but it is been shared by others too.. *huh.. i thought you are a friend that i can put a trust but you prove that you're NOT..
and now i know why people said that TRUST is Like Paper.. Once it crumpled it will never be the same anymore.. even you iron it.. k.. now. I'm a DTA person

p/s : trust one, two or none.

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Aku di sini..

Aku mula mencari titik mula. Aku mencari rahmat dan belas ehsan-Nya. Aku mencari kasih-Nya yang sempurna. Dan aku merasakan hati dan jiwa mula bersatu dengan diri yang hilang tadi, mulai tenteram.