Saturday, August 19, 2017

My Adorable Kids

Marc Kelvin.

I don't really know this boy. I love to call him Alfian as his Islam name is Mohd Alfian.

Even i've been teaching him for almost three years.. Since the first day of February 2015, my first class with him. I thought he did not speak as he is shy. But as the years passed, I've been realize. He did not talk to me at all. Not to the other teachers too.

This make me worried. So, I've been talking to his parents about this matter. To know the cause. Either he has been bullied or get scolded by some teachers. But his parents tell me. No. He is ok. Not been bullied or scolded by any teacher at all.

yes.. I also believe that as nobody is going to scold this kid. Very polite and kind. A smart one too. It just that he did not talk much. Actually he did not talk at all.

And believe me or not... I never heard him speaking. Never heard his voice at all.. .
Everyone in this school never hear him speaking in school.. I don't know why.
Somehow he manage to communicate with his classmates voiceless... Awesome right?
😂😅😊 and as always they become his translator. Or I just have guess and tell moment with him. I have to guess what he want to .

But I am proud to have him as one of my pupils.. His neat work, his smile, his passion in doing things and most important is his manner.  A very polite boy..

I pray that one day I am going to be able to hear Marc Kelvin@Mohd Alfian talking and become someone BIG💪😆😊 Seriously..he is cool😎😎

May Allah take care of you and grant you with a good health and SUCCESS in dunya and akhirat. Aamin.

Time flies so fast. You are 9 years old now. Soon you guys are going to leave me..
Surely I'm going to miss you guys.

Your dear Miss Farhana Forever.

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