Friday, October 16, 2009


This is the first time for me,
Falling in love with you,
I’m very fallen in love with you.

Dear, hear what I will say to you,
If it take for me billion years to get to you,
I will take the challenge, it just because I love you.

Dear, you have taken my heart away,
Don’t ever try to broke it in any how,
That if you really love me.

Dear, if I could tell you this,
You are my world, my every thing,
Just hold my hand, hug, and kiss me, you will know it.

Dear, tell me if you love me,
So I would know what comes in your mind,
Is it me? Is it me? Is it me? Is it me?

Dear, I know it have been sometime now,
We are so far apart away from each other,
But, I wanted you to know just one word ‘LOVE’.

That word always comes up in my mind,
When I’m thinking of you,
You, you, and only you had spins my world around upside down.

What am I trying to say right??
Is that question comes up in your mind??
Yeah?? I knew it…
I just wanted to say I LOVE YOU.

What do you know bout L.O.V.E??
Liking somebody
Over doing things to get that person
Very caring bout him or her
Everything for him or her…

So how you define L.O.V.E???

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