Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Darah...Ambulance...... :((

Last night, I had a meeting with he Director. While waiting 4 him . I felt tht sumthing weird playing in my head. Then i pick up my phone and texting.. SENT! hurm... what was i sent? to whom? hmm... Tht's wht hppened when i got too bored..

Then, my phone vibrate, because i set it in silent mode... hehe~ klu x mau femes satu dwan teater nih...
yup.. it was her.. i smile :)). A broad one. till the YDP tht sat in front realize tht and smile back to me. :P Then, I know subconciously (*hurm..btul ke sy gna) i actually sent a sms to my beloved rum8. while listening to wht the director said..we chat and chat..(amat xbaik kan, jd jgn tiru aksi ini) and thn she told me tht She Cook tonight... Wow.. That's Great. For somebody like her, I must be very fortunate to have a meal of her cook. :)). but thn she told me tht she nd to cook as her mom cut herself while she was using blenders . and my rum8,Her wound (*i thinks insect bite) are bcming infectious. Now i knw the reason why i felt sumthing weird playing in my head. Then, I asked her either she go to the clinics.. evenhough i knw she dont hates going there, i still asked her.As i worried tht it might be worse.hehe..sori dear..

then, we talk and talk (by sms la) till i dont even realize tht ime pass-by quickly... as it was so hard for me to try to reach her as sometimes i'm afraid tht i might disturb her. At last I manage to say Good Bye even though my mind told me to hv a longer talk.. yup.. who knows  as one day i might unable to send her messages anymore. hish.. wht was i'm thinking.. if she was beside me now, for sure she will pinch me for talk abt nonsense.

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