Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wants and Desire..

I was thinking about this last night, before I went to sleep. Somehow, I'm beginning to see the folly of one of the things my parents used to teach me. They had always told me that if you want something so bad, and you couple that desire with efforts, there is no reason for you not to get it in the end. In essence, you can get everything you want. The question is just whether or not you've done everything to earn it.

Now, I respect my parents very much. Firstly, for all of their love and affection, But secondly, for bringing me up the way they did, with strict emphasis on hard work and discipline. I remember when I was a kid, my mother would make me go to school even when I was sick, so long as it was not contagious.  My Dad is a there will be no way for me to cut class...hehe..

And that must have been one of the most influential drives I have ever had. Now, I'm studying in one of the teaching instituition in Terengganu... and I'm sure I've been whined about many things (wif the hostel life, my not so nice campus..u know wht i mean if u've been there) in the past, but the whole time, there was never any doubt in me that all the hardship will pay.

 If not soon, than maybe later. It will pay. The way my parents taught me to look at life, everything depends on your efforts. If you get it, that means you've earned it. If you didn't get it, that means you haven't worked hard enough.But when i take a look deep in my heart, then i realize, if i chose not to study here, then i've never been FOUND the Best Friend in the whole wide world.. which is my rum8... and I'm sure that there is something that will pay off later in future. :))

p/s: i miss u dear...

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