Wednesday, November 30, 2011

:: Best Friend Forever ::

Salam. How are you? hope everythin is fine. Alhamdulillah. today ana pun sihat :) semakin bertambah2 sihat.

29thNovember 2011??

yup, the most important date in my jurnal,my diary and yet still in the top list of my 'life'.
you know what, it is my best friend Wan Nur Fatin's birthday. I love to called her fats. Actually she just love us to call her "fats" yup.. the lipids in the 7 pyramid of foods. hehehe..chill fats. just want to have a fun.

Actually i was thinking about giving her a called and chat all along. but since my voice is shrieking. so i was thinking about giving her the most "unique" birthday message from me. yup. the only me. her best friends. fafa. my former school nickname. Yup. cute right? sangat2 perasan. Actually the nickname of "FAFA" is actually originated from my best friend, shafinaz Rusli aka Schafi or crococtopus. :P i still remember the moment that she being confused of calling my names as in class we got two people having the same name. Farhana Azhari and me. And to avoid 2 person to turned and the same time when 'Farhana' was shout, there it goes.. "FAFA" ..."Farhana panjang sangatla sayang, ana tak mau you tak ayu :P far..far..fa.fa...aha!! "FAFA" sesuai. It suits . comel." hahaha.. and i just laugh and smile.. there it goes. Another reflect of the memories that we had together in MJSC Langkawi. The most memorable and unforgetable one...

there their fafa :) hehe.. the cubby version of myself
that's her schafi. the one who gave me the cutest nickname ever :D 
this is how we leads our life there. :) *leeya study add maths? hihi

There she is : Liyana Athirah Ruzaimi (Leeya) with our dearest maths teacher : Teacher Linda
Ouch.. I still remember those pinch that i got everytime i make a mistake or careless in quiz/test. 

the boys. I means 2/6
Adek , yati, akiela

507 Graduation Day
 owh... how much i love and miss them. I come across this :
“Jika seseorang itu sayang kepada sahabatnya maka hendaklah dia beritahu bahawa dia menyayanginya.” 
(Riwayat Abu Daud)..:)

i love you guys so much Ohanas.

hehe.. dah melalut pula ana. Actually the reason why i wrote this entry because i want to wish fats happy birthday...
so i make her this :

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