Friday, November 25, 2011

:: this cuti sekolah::

Salam. Its November now. And thats mean its already school's break. yeah.. Final exam is over and even school is over now. Rehat2.. Minda perlu berehat sebentar. my body also need to recharge to its full. While thinking on how to spend the holidays on my own then i realize that, i have two more appointments with the doctor that i never miss the chance of meeting him. ahaks. Yup, two more before i completely stop my treatment. Hope everything will goes well later on.

ok back to the planning. Holidays..

duration : A month and a half. (35-42days)
works : erk....umm.... NONE :P

Activity to be done :
1. help my my parents to take care of the house.
2. make things clear with my best friend.  EFEO
3. online.. find info on where to travel next :P
4. keep in touch with friends especially those who already left me in malaysia.
5. be the chef during lunch.. and  perhaps breakfast.
6. meeting my relatives,kezen2 semua (paklong,mak njang, maklang,pak tam,pak cik, dan semua2.. rindu pla..)
7. go for a vacation (uhmm.. cm susah sket..but InsyaAllah)
8. a tennis coach, a math teacher.
9. at last but not least InsyaAllah. surveying on an slr and grab one. Aminn..

enough of my holiday planning of 'hana jasmine' version. and my planning as a servant . InsyaAllah. as soon we'll be celebrating Awal Muharam so i pray so that this new year... 
i will....

1. jga solat.
2. be a good servant. Obey Him and do everything the best that i can.
3. be a good daughter to my parents and a good sister.
4. nak jd seorang yang mudah memaafkan orang lain
5. more patient in facing difficulties.
6. be a good friend and a good sister for them. 
7. stick to the real 'misi' and 'visi' .
8...........It's a secret..... i'll keep it till one day. :)

and before i forget i like to wish everyone. Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah.
source : doodle dakwah

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