Friday, November 25, 2011

:: Setelah sekian itu.. ::

salam. lama rasanya ana tidak mengupdate blog ini. dengan kekangan waktu untuk menghadapi final exam dan juga untuk menunaikan satu janji sahabat buat sahabat. Alhamdulillah.kini ana bersyukur. Final exam sudah pun tamat. Janji InsyaAllah sudah mampu ditunaikan. "slow2.." itu pesan abg dan mak. everytime i face difficulties live in ipg. i turned to Him and them be the place when i need an advise.

sedar tak sedar ,kini sudah hampir 3 bulan rasanya tak update blog nih. patutla terasa lama je. :) memang sangat2 lama. No wonder why my brain are packed and my words are jammed. At last this blog is the place where i tell everything.. yup.. i means everything, my happy moments, sads,laughter, joy, excitement and also about the people who merge in my life and make it colourful and meaningful..

maybe some of you may realize that "Epilog Dunia Insan" has already got its new look. and some maybe wondered why it is now "Hana Jasmine". so now let me tell you the whole story.

hana jasmine

it all start when i have a friend. A best friend. The close one. In my former school, they used to called me 'fafa' and teachers will called me 'farhana'. when i graduated from high school, i still use the name but instead of that there is one person who once said that i just like hana kimi. the korean drama about a girl who pretend to be a boy and went to boy's school. and start from that particular moment. All my friends started to called me 'Hana'. when i told them that i hate it as it does not have any meaning like "Farhana"= "happiness". They told me that "Farhana" is too long to be called. haha.. excuses. :P and yet they also told me hana can be a cute nickname and it also hasa meaning where in japanese "Hana"="flower/blossom". Entah betul atau x diorang nih. so, i stay to be known as hana.

Hurm...back to the hana kimi i a pretending person? i speak to myself. yet, my best friend told me that i'm not a pretending but it just the way i am. a graceful face but act boyish.. huh.. boyish ek? Nak kena nih... dush2.. but when i refresh a little that i see the reason why. yup.. i maybe have a graceful face but i was active like a boy, jump here, run there, know everything about car (which girls are rarely to know in these). And when i talk with boys, we often chat about the latest cars racing games.. aiyak!! kan dah strike to the point. no wonder why there are some of my friends called me 'hana iekimi'. The real reason is i dont know why. :P they know you the best.

and about how 'hana jasmine' is here nowadays is because i want to carve all those memories where the origin of "hana" of myself forever in my heart and my mind. as the one that give me "hana", the one that i care and love as my best2 friend is no longer with me now. Allah loves him the most. :) i'm glad.

And "jasmine"?? i always used 'jasmine scented' to class.. thats why kuwt. hehehe... this also a funny and unforgettable one. It all start in class. that day we have a class in 'bilik kuliah'. and when we were busy focusing on the lecture. out of sudden there is a sweet scent. Everyone turn to one another and even our lecturer stop the lecture and tried to find the sources of the spreaded sweet scent. she said "Kamu bau x? bilik ni buat saya naik seram. Aritu bunyi ini bau wangi pula".. opps...sorry puan. then i realize that my perfume spilt in my pencil case and thats why suddenly the scent spread as that particular moment i unzip my case. huhuhu..kebetulan..!! and a friend, fiqah who sit next to me "ana punye ek? Patutla wangi" and i smiled. hihi...

and thats the real story where this blog got its new name. "Hana Jasmine"

i know its not jasmine. but its a flower. :)

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