Monday, December 26, 2011

:: Baiknya Dia ::


Assalammualaikum.. lama rasanya tidak menjengahke sini. rindu pula. sayang pula pada belog yang makin bersawang ini. da lama ditinggalkan. hhehehe

ok.ok. enough of this mengarut things. time to sharpen my english back. InsyaAllah, i'll try. if there's a mistakes or somethin to help me improve, comments and suggestions are welcome. ok. For today, i just like to share something. Are you nice in treating people or you get someone's kindness. i'm sure we do.  And sometimes eventhough things that happened to us has been such a long time, we still having thought about it and sometime talked about it. 

"si A has helped me in my exam and now alhamdulillah i manage to  get 4.00"
"things get easier when B around, it helps alot."

and these continues.....

but have you ever had a thought on how kind He ( Allah ) is to us. ..

when we are hungry , He gave us food (through somebody or something)

when we slept, He take care of us..

when we forget, He reminds us..

and when we felt lonely He always be there and cheerish our life...

I love Allah

see, the  real significant of kindness. but most of us are forget to be thankful or saying Alhamdulillah...
so, starting from now, be thankful on what you get and say Alhamdulillah....

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