Friday, December 2, 2011

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salam. How are you reader? Hopefully everything is well. Its December already. and still i am grateful for still having the opportunity given by Him, Allah s.w.t to actually keep on with my duties as His servant. Dakwah.

Okay. Actually, i just want to share you a story. Alhamdulillah, after been recover from fever, i am glad that i've lost nothin. Sakit itu kan kafarah dosa. Allah gives us pain and test to test our 'Iman'. Thats what i kept telling myself to. Even there's no one, friends that asking for how i was. I am grateful cause at least i know that i'm not lonely eventhough sometimes i felt i was :P. Now, i am more stronger and tougher as past gave me a lesson.

when i was online, i saw someone on skype and i greet with 'salam'. and yes, my salam was replied. :)
after talking and asking how he/she was, life, study, than we talking about life and challenges in it. he/she told me that its winter now. so, i'm quite envy with him/her. :P wait till me get there.

friend : "whenever you feel lonely, always remember that there's still Allah be with you. Forever and always. so, fafa  kena cepat sihat dan kuat supaya dapat gunakan nikmat kesihatan yang Dia bagi untuk menjalankan dakwah pada jalan Dia".

me : yup, i know and i will. but sometimes kan, fafa tak faham kenapa manusia ini selalu menyakitkan yang lain. kadang2 tu lebih sedih lagi when one of your best friend stebbed on your back. (*new topik)

friend : urm.. payah nak cakap if you still have your thinking (point of view). just consider you were in his/her shoes. Kalau macam tu, you will have another p.o.v, and this will make you happier and feels better.

me : i used to be a positive-minded one. tapi now....

friend : i know. Time change a person. and sometimes it happened to me too. but for me, i believe that we're the one who chose to be different or just be yourself. If you choose to be the same person, make sure you can do better. if you want to be a great person , hit it babe!!

me :'s funny bila teringat the 'strict and skema' you. :P

friend : yes.. not only me, you too. kita 2x 5 jea.

me: erk, tu jadinya 10. *maths teacher :P

friend : cmni fafa. life as a teenager is normal like what you're having for now. Fight,love, friendship. Semua-semua tu sebenarnya adalah pinjaman. you need to bear that.
If you're having sad time or having fight into someone that you really never ever thought that you would ...
jp. here.

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda, maksudnya: 

“Manusia yang paling dikasihi Allah ialah orang yang memberi manfaat kepada orang lain dan amalan yang paling disukai oleh Allah ialah menggembirakan hati orang-orang Islam atau menghilangkan kesusahan daripadanya atau menunaikan keperluan hidupnya di dunia atau memberi makan orang yang lapar. Perjalananku bersama saudaraku yang muslim untuk menunaikan hajatnya, adalah lebih aku sukai daripada aku beriktikaf di dalam masjid ini selama sebulan, dan sesiapa yang menahan kemarahannya sekalipun ia mampu untuk membalasnya nescaya Allah akan memenuhi keredhaannya di dalam hatinya pada hari Qiamat, dan sesiapa yang berjalan bersama-sama saudaranya yang Islam untuk menunaikan hajat saudaranya itu hinggalah selesai hajatnya nescaya Allah akan tetapkan kakinya(ketika melalui pada hari Qiamat) dan sesungguhnya akhlak yang buruk akan merosakkan amalan seperti cuka merosakkan madu.”

someway somehow, when i feel like to marah or apa-apa. i just read this back and have a reflection of what i just did.

me : Thanks. Hope it helps.

Friend : i hope too. moga dapat tolong fafa to arhieve your vission and mission. 'seacrh for mardhotillah'.

me: eh, cmne tau nih? 

friend : epilog insan? hehehe.. i'm stalking your blog now.

me : owh, stalker.. STALKER :P. bahaya2.. k2.. i gtg. still hve dizziness.. and i'm back to Zzzz..

friend : fafa..fafa... you never change. my funny and sweet one. :D..

me : haha.. sweet? :P 

and there how we end the talk. :)
i felt a lot better now. No more those thinking even though the matter is still not be solved yet. but for now... i'm taking a rest and hopefully..He'll show me the way. Insya Allah..

i want to share this video : it motivates me alot. :)

'Jangan mengejar cita-cita.kita mengejar makna. kerana cita-cita pandangan manusia. makna pandangan Allah." -Dr Muhaya

p/s : nice talking to you and i miss you so much. Cant wait for you to get back to malaysia...

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