Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sekolah pertamaku

Assalammualaikum semua.. Semua sihat? Alhamdulillah..hana disini sihat seadanya..

Like always.. Believe it or not. Its my second week in Tatau.. Alhamdulillah.. Allah grant me with good health and strength.

Sk Tatau is a really nice school. Situated only 5 minutes from Pekan Tatau. Having only one building with 900 pupils make this school has two session.. Morning and afternoon session.. Morning is for standards 4 to 6. And evening is for standards 1 to 3.. And guess what? I manage to be afternoon session teacher.. Teaching small kids...  InsyaAllah.. Moga dapat menjadi guru yang terbaik..

First class. New experience..
New experience gains by every minutes that pass.. me be a class teacher for year 1C, coach for scrabble, dan bendahari for panitia Matematik, naib Setiausaha utk Jakis and many more.. Actually I was quite nervous.. As I don't really good in handling all these tasks... But having my parents and lecturers that always motivate and give support make me feels relieved..

"You can do it..and I believe you can make it. With all the guidance and knowledge gained in IPG"

So, to all new teachers...and my friends that I always remember and love. We can make it. I know that some of us lagi banyak cabaran yang dilalui. Having new life in P3. With limited facilities.. Tak ada line telefon. Hard to find foods..and having tough time to actually travel to school.. I know how you guys feeling.. But from a bright sight, I know Allah sent us here for a reason..

There's always be a good reason behind everything. It only takes us time to realize about it...

I know.. For now, some of us and wven myself think that
Life sometimes might seem unfair..

But frankly.. In my heart, I know and believe things that happened actually comes from the Most Merciful Allah.. He knows us better..

Even we don't even know our strength.. But believe me.. One day we will thank Allah for sent us this chance....

Ok. That's all for now.. Will update later.. With limited time and internet connection..I'll try my best.

Hana doakan moga semua selamat dan sentiasa dipermudahkan segala urusan oleh Allah. Bersabarlah.  InsyaAllah, there is always be a rainbow after heavy rain...

Sentiasa berdoa kepada Allah. He will listen to you... Jaga solat dan jaga diri...

Salam sayang dari Tatau.bumi kenyalang

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