Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Hero

Assalamualaikum wbt.. May Allah bless all of us and ease us in everything we do..

Today is a special day.. I kept on waiting for this day. And now here it is.

14th May 2015

Dikesempatan ini, akak nak ucapkan....
Happy Birthday Ayah!
Semoga Allah sentiasa kurniakan ayah kesihatan yang baik, dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki...and may all your wishes come true!

Thank you ayah. 
Thank you for everything you have done for akak. Thank you for be my hero. I am not a princess but you always make me feels like one..

You are my Hero. always be
Akak nak ucapkan banyak-banyak terima kasih. Thank you. xie-xie. kotoluadan.
and again Thank you for :

held my hand when I was small,
caught me when I fell, 
bought me my first bicycle and taught me to ride it,
treated me when i'm injured, 
helped me with my schoolwork, 
drive me to school, swimming class, night class... and everywhere I want to.
bought me my favourite foods,
cook food for me when i'm hungry at night :)

take care of me when I'm sick...
guide and teach me to know Him,
taught me how to be independent,
you're the hero of my life.. not only my childhood but my later years as well..

Thank you for never ending love. and for taught me to be a tough person. To get to know life.. 
All of these helped me a lot..

In laughter and sorrow, In sunshine and through rain, I know you're watching over me...  right? ^_^
you always said you are getting old, and not handsome anymore. But for me, you're always be the greatest no matter what..  ^_^

I love you forever and always! I'll promise will make you proud and happy for having me..

Allah, forgive me and my parents. Love and take cara of them
 as they love and take care of me when i'm little.. 


Dear ayah, I may find a prince someday, but you will always be my KING..

your princess in Tatau.

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