Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dreams only last one night

Once there's a person that told me dreams only last for one nights but love stay forever~ yup.. when he's gone.. the simple words seems so hard to be digest by me...

Why? Why? why dream cannot last forever? We don’t dream of normal things or things that are within our grasp. ryte?We dream of things that seem impossible or unreal or things that are just out of reach.

We dream and we dream and hope that one day, it just might come true. Sometimes we work hard to pave steps, however small, to go towards that dream. Other times we are just content to live in our dreams, where everything is possible and anything can happen. So, Dreams not only last for one night kan?

hurm.. what i dreamt of?

For sure I dream of turning back time. I dream of going back to a time when I was happy and life was uncomplicated like now. I dont wan to grow up.. as I grow up, my imagination and all those 'Memories' will fade slowly... besides, it is hard to grow up when you live in a community that are not matured yet.. rs2nye.. based on my experience and observation ..

And of course I dream of being with him again. yup.. the one tht always comfort me whn i'm down, the one who helps me to settle the problem. The one tht always been there besides me to share stories and everything. So many things tht sometimes make me shed the warm liquids on my cheeks when all those memories started to play in my medulla oblongata. Hurm.. I miss the way of he treated as a friend..hehe..friend??.. If and only if i could turn back time.. but then if I turned it back... I will Lost the most precious tht i never had before. The lost tht already foun
d, like the one tht i wrote in my bEbply books.Nobody ever read tht yet...The most Precious is Her... *wish u read this dear... yup.. seriously your present in my life gave me strength to keep moving on.And thats why sometimes you may hv a thought tht i Over caring kan2?.. and I'm Sorry..because I such a troublesome.. I creates problem more than wht i've done to help you :((... But after all, I always pray for ur health, HappIness and Success... Sarangheyo ~;))

I dream of living in raiekimi land (a place for me), of living in a secret world where there's only happiness. No pain and violence. where there is only me and you. Yup. Only us.. Where there is shopping complexs, sports centre, shopping complexs, and shopping complexs and ShOPpiNG ...and wee..(with excitement) I love it especially when I'm with her. (n_o) ,The best moments tht i ever had with my friend.

But the truth is, every night I say a little prayer hoping that i would dream of him, as i Miss Him so much..dont know why. My frens do asked me, why sometimes for someone tht we love so much ,he/she is being took away from us... and there's i uttering not even a word..*speechless.... Every night I pray for my friends and him so tht i could be with him for one more time and to make sure tht the bonds of friendship tht i had with her (the one) will last foreva till we'll meet again in Jannah. Her love and friendship, that was all i needed, at least for now

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