Saturday, May 29, 2010

For the First Time

Yeay... At last i manage to heal the feeling of being alone in this campus since my beloved roomate had left..(though i know she might be worrying abt leaving me all alone here..dnt worry Ah, I'll be OK.. (^_^)). The Survival kits kn ad>>

FUN FAIR!!~ The biggest one tht Terengganu ever had..(*hurm mybe this is the first).. Thanks o AZIMAH,NANA,ANIS,WAni,NAd,SAlmira,Syeema,and Asida for actually asked me to join u guys.. U guys seriously make me happy..Seriously life without friends wont be fun especially your besties is not around. Miss her so much..

Hurm... actually I had been to a fun fair before but its wif my family but now i'm goin with friends so of course it will be different.. CRaZY...yup. that's the best words to express everything ttht i had last night.
there were so many ride, I rode a couple of them.. ChALLENGER and Top GUn .. and After tht i was so ashamed as i vomit as i had not ate anything since tht morning.. so tht's why...

Life is full of surprises kan?? I never thought tht i dare to have such a ride... i will be dead meat if my 'Lover' know abt this..Cause this might affect my life and bla..bla..bla....***


What i had was Great but then i realize tht there's something lacking.. I dont really had the real excitement. I felt like there's something missing.. it just the excitement tht i had here is not the same like wht i had when i with her, my besties (my beloved rum8)... hurm... Sincerely i do feel great when i wif her.. A broad smile. ;)). There's No Secret between us... When I got scared, confuse and when there's a problem tht i nd a shoulder to lean on.. it always be her... Sorry dear for tht. Cause sumthin i make u worry..

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