Thursday, May 27, 2010

When There's A Believe, There's A MaGic.. ^-^

yup... maGic... hurm....
actually wht i'm tryin to say here is the wonder and magic of friendship~ yup..


for those who know me, they know who i am... and i do hope they know thAT i LOVE them so much..but sometimes it seems so hard for me to express I'm SORRY dear..

and b4 i forgot, i want to thanks all my frens and teachers who had wished me for my BIrthday..

1. Short and simple messages but means a lot to me

2. A ride on a bus to my kampus wih my best friend aka roomate..

3. Shopping

4. Birtday cards

5. Cutey Star....

6. Drawing

7. Pictures of me and her..

8. Her precious of excited 'little' SMilLE

After all... Thanks to >>> my mom and my dad for the birthday wishes.
* my rum8 aka my besties... for the short and meaningful sms
*friends....MAths @ and Maths 1
*my Teachers...
Thank You so Much for the Wishes..I'll try to do the best ht i can for this 19

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