Thursday, January 12, 2012

:: Dear you ::

Assalammualaikum wbt..

dear you,
it has been almost two and half years throuh our journer. many things that we have been through. Thick and thin. thank you for your kind words.thank you for your kind heart and thank you for making me happy and comfortable especially when we're in your family. i dont know how i would have survived in kdri without having you around . i love you because of Him as well . insyaAllah i'll hold your words to my heart. He has blessed me in so many ways, one of them comes in the form of yourself and for that i will always put my trust in Him. no matter what :)

and now i am grateful as you're finally are closer to your goals. i still can recalls the day when you were talking about being elected as JPP and organizing activities ... sangat2 bersemangat kamu. Thats what make me inspired as you by being yourselves are motivating and inspiring...

today, the day has come.. you dare yourself to be in the system. eventhough you are so nervous and anxious at the same time, you still can manage it well and from that i know if you were elected that you will be a good leader. The best one.:) InsyaAllah, He know what the best when we are not.

Sejujurnya, saya sendiri pun cuak dan nervous when you actually told me that you would like to give it a try. But, in my heart i always pray so that Allah will grant what the best for you. He know it well. Better than me. You are actually stronger and braver than you are thinking . here, i actually want to make a confession, i will never have such a enthusiasm like you. to stand for yourself. but you did. Alhamdulillah, from a shy and soft spoken girl, you are now are getting more matured and have a high confidence in yourself. and now you in the process of making and having happiness in life. i am grateful that He has heard my prayer.

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