Wednesday, January 18, 2012

:: so romantic ::

Salam. its has been such a long time till the time that i finally manage blogging. :P my english? InsyaAllah, working on it .
for today i would lie to share a thing..
Have you ever thought on having someone or something that are so romantic. and till sometime things that we want so much seem hopeless...

yes, Being a girl, I've always been a hopeless romantic. I love movies about love (especially hollywood, and hindustani too :P) , books about love, everything. and sometimes living in hostel make us (me and my friends) accidentally make 'marridge' as one of the issues that are most talked about. and yet as i'm having friends that always had 'something'  romantic out of their relationship make me want to have the same feelings.  I always felt like getting married would be my happily ever after. immature me. mudah sangat terpengaruh.. (jaga iman :D) 
Lately, I've been going through some hard time. Trying to find myself, find Him, find happiness. I'm so blessed to have sisters around me that always remind me of His love. I'm forever grateful. As in this journey i found that for now family and friends are the ones that i love so much.  They love me too. kan2 ? betul tak ? hehehe.. but the fact is to them that i can be the real 'romantic' me, and yes, sometimes they did replied it so sweet...
for my parents, i'll try to be a good daughter and a good muslimah... Both of you has take care of me so well till i am who i am now. And now, it is my time to repay the kindness and love. Allah, please help me and give me health so that i can take care my parents afterwards..............................................................................................

for my friends, i dont want to promise but i will give the best of me as i love you because of Him. BestFriend till  Jannah. InsyaAllah ♥

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