Saturday, May 26, 2012

:: 2 and half years. we're still here and together ::

Assalammualaikum.. alhamdulillah.Everything is settled for this semester. ANd now, we're all were just waiting for the result to come out. nervous. and pretty excited too as thats mean we're on holiday. with no homeworks at all. ;P  haha.. sangat2 happy la ea. tunggu sem depan.

yes. Life was pretty tough when its came to assigments week.many. and more of it till it became a stack as same as my height. sangat ngeri ;P

 and during the study week, we're free from attending lectures..

and the stress. for sure kept overwhelming. but Alhamdulillah we manage to go through it.

and now we just need to wait for the NEW SEMESTER to be here.

so, for now i would like to share photos of my Maths Family and our joy throughout the semester.


outing di Masjid Kristal. ;D
the cutest classmate. ;D and on the left is my partner
this olahraga kuwt? not so sure

nice shoes right? but not mine ;P

sape ni? sgt suke sengih :P

the SuperGIRL. ;D

PC Fair or photoshoot?

it just beautiful

our common shortcut when its about 'dating' [with my gurlfrens]  ;P

guess what?? JOm HEBOH
arent we cute? hehe

Best Friend Forever ;) they're best and awesome

erk, ni takde keje namanya. ;P

this is PBS III with the members ; fiqah,ah,huda,yaya,deni,fuzah

this is my best friend aka my klasmate aka my partner. cute kan ea..dush2

erk, siyes nye? msti tgh buat statisktik assignment. ;P

papa bear ^_^
jom minum de pantai Chenang

dinner at 12 in Pantai Chenang


Fiqah lagi!! sangat2 letih semua
ini olahragawati 2012
amboi..tengah tengok ape la tu? ;P

this is my sports house. ;)


darulaman Lake

the other member; nana, imah, eqa, anis
US ^_^

so, i think its all enough for now. sleepy now .  ZZzz.. good night

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