Sunday, July 12, 2015


Assalamualaikum wbt and hi guys!

May Allah ease us in everything and shower us with His bleesing.. Its only few days of Ramadhan left. Surely this Ramadhan gives me a new experience. A new feeling.

During my study in IPG, my first Ramadhan in Terengganu is fun, enjoyable and memorable. I used to share stories with some of my schoolmates and they are basically all over the world..scattered. :D
USA, Canada, Russia, Japan, Korea, Egypt and India.. Its a good feeling to keep in touch even though we only chat in FB and sometimes we skype.. We always ecThey always told me how envy there are with me. Being able to study and enjoy Ramadhan in Malaysia... With the foods that surely they are going to miss.. and surely all of us really miss our ifthar in Langkawi.

And like always, I always bombarded them with questions.. Hihi.. How are you guys manage your time and how about the weather? How long is puasa at there? Do you cooks? Is there any muslim restaurant or shop that we can go and buy our food there? How about these..How about that...? I bet if i compile all my question it will be a 2-pages long. Full with questions..  *Thank you for being patience with me. ^_^. 

This year. I'm no longer a student. Still in Malaysia.
But I started to understand their feelings. I slowly get to know how they are able to survive in a stranger's land.

And yes, we cook our own food.. 

A few buat pengubat rindu.. Maaf la post gambar makanan bulan puasa..

p/s: Cant wait to go back home for raya with family..
Oooo Balik kampung.. Ohooo oo balik kampung... * listening to neighbour's singing lagu raya..

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