Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Lies and Truth

For every laughter, they hide their tears
For every smile they show, the hide their problems...
For every words they said, they try to get up and moving on...

Sometimes not everyone shows or tell their problems.. 

Some of them chose to keep it to themselves.. Or hide their sad story in pages of their diary...
So, never thought that they who always smile never had problems.. 

We dont know.. 

As maybe every things they do are because they are actually looking for strength to get up again.... 

 It is okay for you to look up and cry. Cry do bring strength. From the inside

 Never stop praying as we will never know when Allah going to grant our wishes.

 Being away from family and friends does not mean that you are being apart from Him too.
Sometimes it bring us closer to Him. As we have more time to think. and reflect. Yes. Reflect..

and it teaches us to be grateful..

 Last but not least, we are not forever alone.. We have Allah, family and friends.. 
With today's technology I bet there is always be a way to stay connected...

and yes.. we dont need wireless or good coverage to actually stay connected with the Most Merciful.

May Allah bless our journey and ease us.. 
And may we meet with Lailatul Qadr. A night that is so special...


Lots of Love
Tatau Sarawak

9 Julai 2015
22 Ramadhan 1436H

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Aku di sini..

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