Wednesday, June 13, 2012

..:: Life is a Journey ::

I’m trying my Best
I don’t want to Fail
Life is a test
My Boat sets to Sail.....

I see Everyday
My life as a Journey
I hope and I Pray
Heaven to be my Gateway

Money and Accessory is just Material
Only an Illusion
This world nothing but Unreal

We live and we Die
Then we live once Again
This world we live In
We suffer much Pain

But the promise is Clear
The promise of Jannah
We aim for it
and that’ll be Greater

He is the Supreme
& Created You & Me
He is Magnificent
& we should worship Thee

He showers His Blessing
For that we should be Grateful
He gives us More
God is all Powerful

To Him we turn To
For Him we Sacrifice
He will reward Us
That will be Nice

I continue my Journey
Through difficult Situation
Inshaa-Allah I’m Successful
Until I reach my Destination

I look forward to meet Him
I long for that Day
For Heaven I will aim For
For Eternity I shall Stay

But for now I must
Continue to Strive
Through Patience and Prayer
Whilst I’m still Alive

So come Brothers and Sisters
Lets help one Another
Your chosen as Muslims
Your reward is in Hereafter

War will Increase
Until you love your Neighbour
Hatred will Decrease
Once you seek Allah’s Favour

He truly Loves Us
Do not Anger Him
The Enemy will Whisper
Do not give In

Stop what your Doing
And reflect on your Life
Why are you Here?
Why all this Strife?

So you go on a Journey
You sail on a boat
Then a wave suddenly hits You
But amazingly you’re Afloat

That is a wakeup Call
That is a Sign
That is Allah
A True Divine

You continue with your Life
And Allah Tests You
The time will Come
If only you had a Clue?

You take a Path
But where-ever you May Be
There is No escape
& Allah can See

How will you Answer
How will you Do?
What will be Destined?
If only you Knew

Give up these temptations
Seek for Repentance
The Enemy Will Seek You
His will be the Sentence.....

This world will Perish
This world will End
Time is an essence
How will you Spend?

Choose the right Path
And control your Desire
The Enemy will Deceive You
Which is The Ultimate Liar

Allah created us for a Specific Purpose....
....To worship Him only an absolute Decree!

So seek the Truth and InsyaAllah…..
You shall be Free....

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