Thursday, June 14, 2012

:: The Whole New Part ::

Life is an experience,
perhaps the process is more important than the result
not how to archieve the purpose, to love as love, to be friend to someone else

in my world, love is pure like a snow...
while i get through into the cold of the snow, i found you. someone that i used to called my best friend.
yup.. it is a meet. A very difficult meet.

to meet a right person at the right time..
and when you meet a wrong person at the wrong time, it is a heartbreaking...
yup.. a heartbreaking when during the process you only meet people who can only sigh..
and when you already meet the right one, you started to feel the love..
but they never reply..
instead they betrayed it..

And ....
you were never give up in giving love to others.
You always said that "giving make me living". and yes. I take that.
and now, in every hearts of your friends, especialy mine there is you..

Before we meet, i was a girl who like the blossom on the cement,
open to appear and disappear in the breeze, lonesome forest,..
without no one noticing it.
sat there all alone by myself.
waiting for someone to love me and appreciate my beauty...

And when we're friends.. you give me the shine of happiness,
and i, is a girl who own the most beautiful smile in the world.. ;)
And now, i am the "flower of happiness"
who spread the scent to others...
who make others happy by seing it live and grew brightly...

I just want to be like you..
Never shows your sorrow even when you were really sad,
Never shows a dim mood, when you're down or mad..
But seriously, it is tough to be someone like you..
You're a STRONG person my friend...
I'm not strong enough.. but i really want to..
To make my best friends now,
smiling and happy by just being themselves when with me...
I dont want  actors or actresses..
i just want somebody who i can called a friend..
someone for me to be the real me....
just like when i'm with you..
to share everything without being afraid of hurting others feelings...

You give me love for me being myself..
you never show the love. but i know. as your every action shows it.
I'm glad i'm having you as my friend, my best friend and having u as my family..

may Allah grant you wish peace and happiness till we meet in the jannah.......

Appreciate the one that you love before they leave you. Once a friend is always a friend.. and when you feel lonely and there's no one to turn to, always remember that you always your truly best friend, ALLAH, He'll listen to you and love you.


Friends Forever

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