Sunday, July 3, 2011

:: It doesnt last long ::


new hot topics. DIET. hehe. now it is the HOTTEST issues being talk in my campus especially my classmates. hehehe.. actually i was thinking about having joining the same group as they are. hehe. i'm slim and fit already.heheh...[yea ke? is always be the statement + with a BIG question mark]. Every one is so obsess with their weight and how big their size are. hurm.. me? yup, i've been thinking about it. But not till skip my breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

girls biggest fear
hehehe.. ;)

Second week at campus, busy with work. And there goes my first week that cramped with jog, volleyball, badminton and anti-ice ;P.. [or avoiding cold drinks] as we had a MEALs of KFC chicken and float + PEPSI.. and have no time at all to exercise. Busy teacher. ;)

For me a good diet, is based on food pyramids and our individuals needs.
and here are few tips :

1. Eats lots of fruits/vegetables for fibre and vitamins
2. Drinks a lot of water to lessen the concentration of sodium 
3. Eat rice once a day
4. Dinner before 8. At 6pm is the best. 
5. Choose healthy cook. Non-oil, steamed, and fruit salad is encouraged
6. You choose what you eat, and you are what you eat.

So choose wisely and think deeply. ;)

Talking about health make me remember an advice from my former physical edu teacher, exercise is also important. Either to stay healty or fit.  It gives both the benefits.

i miss the evening with tennis, basketball with my friends... jogs around the area. Owh, sometimes i wish that time that be switch to the time that i want. How i miss schafi,fats,leeya, pak zaf and for sure all favourite, Pak Syed. Here,  there's nothin be the same that i used to have in Langkawi..Oh,craps.. now i started to have this kind of nonsense talk. [Off record please]

My Playground. All fav;)
Every evening fav spot. ;)

here they are ; Pak Zaf [white] and Pak Syed [orange]
My fav game too. And how I miss them so much

Now, I'm glad that White Eagle is back. Coz then i have time and good sleep at night. Healthy mind comes from a healthy body.

Love white eagle. ;)

p/s: lakukan apa pun dengan sepenuh hati. Jangan sekadar hangat-hangat tahi ayam

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