Tuesday, May 3, 2011

:: The Butterfly ::

i still remember of what my friends use to say , " Happiness is just like butterfly, when you chased it, it wull ran away for you. You just need to stop and wait coz then it will fly and rest at your shoulder. Kinda sweet kan ayat nih? My friends aka a girl, she always say this and even wrote it nicelyand put it up. But yesterday, i've been realize that the writings was put down. Dont know when. ;(. Maybe she kept it. so that it wont be missing or ruin with the atmosphere...

and tonight, i was awake at 4am when i fall asleep. Then thats why i had a thought about the butterfly and this is what i feel . right now. This moment.

the beauty

i was chasing a butterfly ,wanted to feel,
its smooth touch with my fingers ,
i wanted to bring its shiny color ,close to my eyes
SO i ran fast after it ,as fast ,
that i lost my directions ,i lost my home,
even left my shadow behind and became all alone ,
it leaded me to the desert, which burnt my feet,
it made me drink the acid lake,

it bluffed me with silk ,with a palace so high,
it betrayed me with jewel ,with beautiful smiley face ,
it teased me to take part in the lair race ,
it made me so tired , it made me so old ,
but each way to grab it ,was still untold ,
i fell on the ground and closed my eyes ,
i felt my body shake and unstable breath,
i felt my entrance in place like heaven,
filled with breeze and fragrance of  roses ,
i sat under a tree like never will raise again ,
and looked the graceful beauty around,
then i saw t
hat butterfly flying towards me,
she sat on my shoulder and whispered in my ear ,
welcome home dear ,where were you,
what took you so long to reach me , i was always in here inside you,
waiting for your call,
thank god you found me ,isn't it you found all.....

having no one to share, make me left alone

[its quite penin2 sket. spontaneoously. Hope you get the meaning.]

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