Wednesday, May 4, 2011

:: I'm gonna be strong ::

here in life, i've leaarnt new things. Not only when we want something we need to lose something. But i've learnt that if you lose a things something yo get a things back.

the reality :)

Maybe it is worth. Nobody knows right? hurm... thinking about this. Actually the most important is to be ready to face everything ahead. Yup. I'm gonna be strong. yeah.. i can. ;).

My family, friends and Him is with you everytime and everywhere you need it, ana. Be confidence in yourself. " Be positive"~ a supportive one. Thank you dear.

The silence that we shared make my heart joy.

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Aku di sini..

Aku mula mencari titik mula. Aku mencari rahmat dan belas ehsan-Nya. Aku mencari kasih-Nya yang sempurna. Dan aku merasakan hati dan jiwa mula bersatu dengan diri yang hilang tadi, mulai tenteram.