Tuesday, May 3, 2011

:: If ....::

Boring with nothing to do. I browse my documents [bnyk sgt brg yg msuk dr pendrive, thinking of getting it arranged well la. ;P ] and found a poem that i used to creates with my late friends. A poems that never finish. i still remember the day that we started to write it. 


This just pop out from words that i've been saying to him. If and only if... and there he continued..

If and only If I have magic
I’d make teardrops delicious
I’d eat on the moon
I’d ride on a balloon
I’d make school funny
I'd went to Eifel Tower,
I'd make you cotton candy out of the rainbow,
I’d make today my birthday.........

[it stops here]

years had passed and now here i am, reading its back and i'm decided to give it an ending...

If and only If I have magic
I’d make dreams true
Dreams of love
Dreams of Paris
Dreams of you'
Dreams of having our friendship forever..
A bond that never fades ..
A smile that i never hate...
and of course a heart that i never meant to break...

If and only If I have magic
I’d make you see the one that i'm going to be without going through years..
I'd make you smile for all day long with my jokes and our laughter..
I'd make you here again with me..
to go through another years as life is never be the same like we had together..
Days with rainbow..
Paint with all colours that we had..
Shared stories... you are the ONe That never been replaced.

And my friend..

If and only If I have magic,
I want you to share my joy ..
my laughter, my happiness...
as now i'm having a friend that as great as you are and for your info..
he is she... ;) my BFF
she make me love her the way you love me
And only that way, i can make your dream come true [my happiness]

p/s: Let me say for the record that this was not intended for anyone. I was just using the words given and things that went around my head.. ;)

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