Tuesday, May 3, 2011

:: it just never stops raining ::

i love when things are normal

hurm.. speakinng of rain and clouds. Make me remeber a story. A story that i've created like this moment. With the tranquility of the night. The coldness. it is unberable. [a copy paste from fb as i first wrote there]

wishing for things to get better

This is a story that i make for a friend of mine. To create a smile on her face and hopefully, it creates a rainbow to colour her days.


Once upon a time, clouds and sun were best friends. They were always together. When there is Sun, there is also clouds. They never get separated. When sun in, clouds also in and accompanying the sun. When sun out, clouds also went out. but sometimes in the night, clouds went out to see the sun as it miss the sun so much eventhough they just get separated in seconds. clouds cant wait till tomorrow as its love to the sun is undeniable. Hard to tell by words or action.

one day, the sun and the clouds were fighting against who is the most important over all. In that fight, the sun was hurt by the clouds words as clouds said that without it people get no shelter from the heat of the sun, so itis more important. The sun didnt said anything to reply back. It was not in the mood of fighting against a small things. Besides, it used to tell the clouds about its action before.  But clouds not listen to any. Actually there are few things that the sun used to say, the clouds still remember about it but it never show it. It just let the word passed.

Since the fight, sun decided to give a lessons to clouds. The sun ignored the clouds when it comes in sunny day. Went in and out by not even saying a hi or bye.It does not reply to any clouds' questions. Then one day it disappeared. It is the clouds who at the end have been realize that there are problems among them that need to be solved. But clouds does not know how to do it. It forgot about the sun word and keeps wondering why sun run away from it and did not reply to any conversation. Then it decided to give the sun time as it thinks that maybe the sun has its own personal problems and need some time and space. In clouds heart, it wants to help the sun. But, it afraid that this only will cause the sun get away from it. Clouds really hate that. Clouds hate when they were always fighting. Clouds really miss their times together. Because that was the time where people love them as days are not too hot and not too cold.

Because of afraid losing the sun, the clouds cries. it cried night and days waiting for the sun. it miss the sun so much. the laugh, the voice, the screams and shout of joy, the jokes, clouds miss everything that they have been through together. When cloud remember their memories back, it smiles. And after that it cried again. Then one day, when clouds were crying , it heard a voice asking. The voice that it logged to hear from.

sun : why are you crying clouds?
clouds : just nothing (while shedding its tears)

sun: then why days are wet?, people now are running to find shelters, umbrellas.
clouds : they were running as they afraid of getting wet. it never stops raining.

sun: why it never stops raining ?
clouds : as i were crying.

sun : why you were crying?
clouds: actually i cried because i'd done something wrong. I hurt a friends feelings.

----- both silent ------
clouds : sun!
sun : yes clouds.

clouds : why you were away for so long?
sun : hurm, (not replying)

clouds : are you mad at me?
sun : No.

clouds : then why you were away?
sun : it is because I love you so much. I want you to learn to be independent. To take care of yourself first then others.

clouds : urm..... but....urm...
sun : i hope you get that. I just want to see you happy and healthy.

clouds : Owh, thank you. But i am not happy now.
sun : why?

clouds : as i lost a part of myself and my life.
sun : hah?

clouds : yup, you are my life. When you were away , there is a hole left in my heart. Yes, you are a part of me. when you were not here. i felt incomplete. When i'm with you, i be me. Myself. Thats my happiest things ever. Our times make me happy and strong. You are the reason why i am still here. Waiting.

Sun : ---- silent ----

Clouds : can we get back together? like we used to do before? i miss that.
sun : owh, ok. I also want that but it is hard to be told.

Clouds : Lets get back together.
Sun : yup, lets do it now.

When the sun and the clouds were back together, that evening there is the most beautiful rainbows that ever been created. It coloured the day and people were amazed with the beauty. The beauty is about the powerfulness friendship between the sun and the clouds. For being patience and understanding one another.

sometimes, this is what we called the strength of beauty

p/s : having you my friends is about having all the colours in my life. Thank you for being my friend. ;)

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