Tuesday, May 3, 2011

:: you dont have to lie ::

Not everything need a reason.. right? just want to share what i felt and what i knew recently.

When I don't love you, I never do. But once I did, I really do. And when things started to not work out.. thats the point right there when I don't know where to go. I guess I need a guy who can point me to the right direction (at least have a fair sense of direction lah kan), right there at that very turn. But then i've been realized, i cant live without you, someone who i called FRIEND. The BEST ones.

yup, for me . BEST FRIENDS is someone that hardly can be expressed by words. It is because you cant hardly expressed yourself right. Yup. did you get what i mean? "A BEST FRIEND IS ACTUALLY THE MISSING PIECE Of YOURSELF". [watch this video that i make special for my BFF].

see, now u can quess on how important a friend to our life right. But have you ever thought that if they ever been cheated or lie to you. Hurm, me? Not really. As i believe that my friends will never lie to me. But for me? hurm.. hopefully not. I hate liers. As when we've been cheated once, it is hurt. So badly. Till you can never spoke to him/her again.

spoken of these. Last two night, when i went to clinics. I met this lovely folks. that aunt asked me the purpose of being here all alone. and  i said i was waiting for my turn to be called in. waiting...and waiting... then the aunt asked me something that make me shocked.

aunt : anak nih da kawen blum?
me : not yet. muda lagi [sambil tersengih2]

aunt : owh, da ade org da?
me : blum lagi gak makcik. tgh blajar skg nih.umo x sampai 20 lagi. [my birthday in may]

and suddenly, the uncle that sit next to her said

uncle : anak, kalau nak cari org, cari yang baik2, kalau dah ada jaga diri. jgn jadi mcm budak2 sekarang. Dah hilang rasa malu. pak cik tengok org cina pun bercinta gak tapi xdela teruk mcm anak melayu kita.

me: *sigh... [dont know what to say]
aunt : lagi satu, jgn tipu mak ayah. Dosa! dengan boyfren sanggup nangis2 xtipu, jujur la. sbb sayang. tapi kalau tipu mak ayah, ingat x bahagia mana hidup tu nanti.

me : InsyaAllah. sy cuba jge yg tu.
uncle : budak la ni, ckp kt mak ayah nak keluar p library. alih2 nu p dating dekat pantai, air terjun, tepi tasik. pastu x taw jaga batas. Dua2. kepit2. ish2. pak cik takut dgn budak2 zaman la ni. kadang2 pak cik tgk , rasa nak marah anak org. Anak pak cik sendiri pun xtaw la macam mana. [muka pak cik mcm sedeyh]

me : btul gak kate pak cik. zaman sekarang nih memang susah nak cari budak2 yang baik. sbb tu la smpai sekarang saya tengah cari. [buat lawak nak ubah suasana]. haha [ketawa kecil]

they smile to me. ;)

the lovely folks went in first as my turn is few behinds. hurm .. sometimes i feel like the world is going upside down. Teenagers are willing to cheat/ lie with their own mom and dad rather that doing that wif their lover. hurm.. Love is not everything. if they are willing to dat, are they is accepted as His servant? That are liers to their own parents but stick to be honest honest to their not everlasting lovers? ;(.

hurm.. its ok to be in love but please dont lie to your family. Because in what ever situation later on, they are the one who gonna be with you forever. Not your lover.

Try to have a reflection, what if because of love to our lover we lie to our parent, and the next things happened our mom and dad feel sick or having heart attack for them to know that their boy/girl is no longer like the one they raised up. [fhm2 kan dengan situasi skrg ]

ya Allah, Kau peliharakanlah diriku, keluargaku dan sahabat-sahabatku daripada melakukan perkara yang membawa kepada kemurkaanMu. Berikanlah kami nur hidayahMu dan berikanlah kami keimanan yang utuh dalam menjaga maruah diri dan keluarga. Andai itu jodoh kami, maka Kau tetapkanlah hati kami dan kuatkanlah iman kami agar tidak membawa ia [cinta] ke jalan yang penuh dosa dan noda..

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