Tuesday, May 3, 2011

:: KCH 7 : Forgotten ::

salam. petang2 begini terasa boring pula. Nak mula study mood belum datang menjelma. ini ada satu cerita yang ingin dikongsi. 


this is a story about a girl. A young. A daughter of mom and dad. Being the youngest in the family make her become ungrateful. Everyday she always wants more from what she get. She always feel not enough or satisfied with what she had....  Things happened and change everything. and here are story from her point of view.

i can remember as if it were yesterday. when my family was so called "perfect". But something went wrong....

in my family there were me, my brother, my mother and my father. Mother was a school teacher. Father is a bussinessman. Brother was much older than me. Than meant he knew more than i did..  That mean he knew.... He knew that things were going to change.

i was told that father was going on a bussiness trip.
father : "watch out and take care of your mother for me".

no one told me... father would be gone... Forever..and that's the last word i've heard from him.

A week after father had left, mother received a phone call. Father had been in a brutal car accident. and was in critical condition. Hours later, we were notified. Father had passed away. Mother lost control of herself. She threw all the tings that near her.

one night i asked brother if mother was going to be fine.
me: " Is mom going to be ok?"
brother : Yeah, dont worry about it. she's just stress. Go to bad. "

from that moment i know that she wasnt gonna be fine. One day, mother went out. I knew that she wouldnt coming back. But we waited till nightfall. She never came back. And i've cried. A lot.

one evening, my brother and i take a walk. Then out of sudden my hat was blewn away by the wind, and when my brother tried to fetch it, a car crashed into him. I was shocked. There he was lying. Without no injuries. But he was unconcious. i rushed over to see if brother was okay. He wasnt responding. Next things, he was rushed to the hospital.

The doctor told me he was in what is called a long-term comma. I'm alone now. I dont have anybody....

one by one, my family dissappered.

a happy family that i used to had
my father

my mother

and now here i am.. being alone and forgotten.

only now i appreciate things that already gone. ;(

I cried almost nights and days........as i want some LOVE. Love that i forgot to appreciate before.

p/s: be good and appreciate what you have. Even they were just friends to you. ;)

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