Thursday, May 5, 2011

:: you forget, i forget , we forgot ::

Everybody forgets. It is normal.
The difference is the degree of the forgetting..

I have some hazy memories of events in my life.. Age may have done that to me. But sometimes the sad part is when it's a total loss of everything. Memory loss?

Recently I've started forgetting people's names.. i've started to have the long lost memory.... but see everything is playback. And it hurt. especially when being forgotten.. ooops..  Spoken about names, I can barely recall half of them if you ask me.

A friend once told me I have `selected amnesia' which means I choose what I want to remember and forget.. Hmm.. maybe.. But deep in the recesses of our mind, we sometimes do remember.. It's just what we decide to do with that memory that differs.. Either we brush it off as if it were unimportant, or we pause and take time to think about it and to remember it.

Then there are things we don't ever want to forget. A feeling. A face. A laugh, smile, touch or taste. A moment in time.

But as time passes by, what remains with us may be just bits and pieces. Fragments of a memory.And my friend told me that she always writes evrything like poems, short stories but as she grow up. All of these have never been done anymore.  hurm.. such a talented and creative ones but people change with time. Cannot blame anyone.

I love everything that i had now. I want to keep it till the end.If i was destined to leave, i shall let the memoirs keep safely and sealed. And I write this today to remind myself of what I will forget. To start cherishing people and things around me before they fade from my memory.... Hopefully not.

p/s: just a lil sumthin to make me happy today.  Stomach-ache. it hurt. T_T

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