Monday, February 14, 2011

:: Its Life that going crazy ::

Lately I'm being busy wif the school works and training.Bandit, personal things, family, friends and of course assignment. Being cope up with all of these? Like crazy right.  
And yes, sumtimes i wish to ask stress to stay away from me. or maybe it just that everything was wrong. In life i want to at least lend a hand and make peace. Especially when you are a student, for sure you didnt want to have a fight wif ur classmates,friends, lecturers or etc. I dont wantto lose anybody in my life but if they're leaving me, I'll be ok aftersometimes. ;)

Having all of these things in my head make me, to give up on things that i want for the sake of others. Stupid. [Been said by one of my friend]. Yes,taking this too serious. I cant change it still.

Sharing? Yup. I share. Everyone knows me. I used to share it wif the one that i trust [very few] But for now, i'm not ready to messed one's life wif my problem been spoken out. They have they own life too to be think of. Besides, i dont want to let trust that were given is being betrayed again and again. Its hurt . Badly. sob3 ;( A paper that been crumpled will never get back beautiful as its original back again ryte?

And now, i want to lead a life that stress free. I know that mankind cannot live alone. We need someone in our life. But for now, i dare not to take the risk of letting a person break my heart once again. Its Ok for me to be alone now. I need time to understand everyone around me. And i hope they understand me.

I dont want to lose anybody but
The most things that i can be is NOBODY..

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